Running in Central Park… Central Command Park!

Back in the days, IT Park was considered to be a good running place. But right now, it’s too crowded for you to do any running / walking. My fastest 3KM was recorded in IT Park. Right now, even doing walking laps around IT Park is just too much effort, either you’re against a crowd […]

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[Cheap Trails] Guindulman, Bohol: Aimless Walks

Related stories: The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run 2018: REALITY vs EXPECTATION Running Experience in Bohol: Cruz Daku, Loboc It was the The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2019 last weekend; and I do badly missed it. So I thought of posting another Bohol-related story. Last year, when we joined the TAPP trail run, we stayed […]

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[Race Story] SM2SM Run 9: Tuhog / Skewered

I don’t know what’s the equivalent of “tuhog” in English, but it’s like “stringed” or skewered like the meat in a barbecue stick. In fun run, “tuhog” is when you overtake the runners who were ahead of you on the later part of the race. I’m the least competitive in fun runs. If you want […]

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[Sagada, Mountain Province] Cheap Trails: Kiltepan 2016

Related Stories: Running Jaunts in Baguio, Philippines Tublay, Benguet: Coffee Harvest Tour More Cheap Trails stories >> Find your perfect travel buddy! SHOP at HELLO BESHY I was a fan of the “That Thing Called Tadhana” movie; it was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Sagada back in 2016… …and so […]

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Tublay, Benguet: Coffee Harvest Tour

Related story: Running Jaunts in Baguio, Philippines Basic requirements when going on a trip to a different place: a running area, a nearby good coffee area, and bonus if there’s a crochet / knitting shop. These were all checked in Baguio City 2016 trip but I’m going to post about coffee, coffee, and coffee because […]

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[Hong Kong] Cheap Trails: Peak Bagging in Lantau Island

Related story: Throwback to Dragon’s Back (Section 8, Hong Kong Trail) Camping in Hong Kong? More Cheap Trails Stories >> Hong Kong Hiking Trails Reference: Finally, 2 peaks in the bag on our 2nd attempt. Here’s a different roller-coaster ride you can do in Lantau Island, Hong Kong, and it has no entrance fee, […]

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Cebu Marathon 2019: Thank you, next push!

If there’s one thing that I mastered in running is “pacing.” I’m not a skilled runner; I don’t even have a decent speed (I’m not judging any one), but I very know how to budget / divide my speed and energy through the course to get my self to the finish line whatever distance category […]

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[MAGMA Trail Run 2018] Mt. Manghulao Challenge: #fakenews

Event: MAGMA TRAIL RUN 2018 >> “What a great race it was! I gobbled the uphills with much gusto, and dashed through the technical downhills. I’m definitely made for the mountains. I got a few scratches from the muddy and rocky trails but these battle scars make great souvenir. But I would be lying that […]

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Pamutan TrailFest 2018: Not Just a 7KM Trail Run…

Related story: [Race Story] Pamutan Marathon 2017: ILAD >> “Di man ni 7KM.” “Abi man nako sayon ra ni kay 7km ra.” “Sayon ra lagi tan-awn sa ilang videos.” My beshies’ random comments after 2KM into the 7KM category of the Pamutan Trailfest 2018. I was with my beshies who were first timers of Pamutan […]

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[Singapore] Cheap Trails: Jaunting at MacRitchie Trail

Related Stories: “My Trail Running Dream Crashed, Burned, Spitted-On at Meyux/Lyra/Nap’s TRAIL >>” More in #CheapTrails >> My top 5 things must-to-do whenever I have the chance to be in Singapore: 1. Ride all sorts of Public Transportation. If you can figure out 04L to 62C, no reason why you’d get lost in their public […]

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[Hong Kong] Cheap Trails: Who is MacLehose of MacLehose Trail?

Related story: Throwback to Dragon’s Back (Section 8, Hong Kong Trail) Camping in Hong Kong?   MacLehose Trail is the longest among the “Long Trails” of Hong Kong (HK Trail 50KM, Lantau Trail 70KM, Wilson Trail 78KM). It is divided into 10 sections. (For more details and map of MacLehose Trail, check here >>.) Of […]

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[Hong Kong] Cheap Trails: Camping in HK?

Related story: [Hong Kong] Cheap Trails: Throwback to Dragon’s Back (Section 8, Hong Kong Trail) “Is it possible to get a “free” accommodation in Hong Kong by staying in their camp sites?!?” was my reaction when I saw for the first time a public camping site in Lantau Island. Yeah, I know; it was so […]

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AWUM 2018: Because Training is Life, Angling is Lifer

Related Stories: AWUM 6 (All-Women Ultramarathon 2017): All-in-1 Hardest AWUM 2017 (6th All-Women Ultramarathon): WOMEN ON TOP The Magic 14 Moments from AWUM 2015 AWUM 2012: BDM 160KM 2nd Placer Haide Acuna’s Ultra Running & Eyeliner Talk Archive | All-Women Ultramarathon (AWUM)AWUM 6 (All-Women Ultramarathon 2017): Fail-Proof Race Plan… All-Women Ultramarathon 2018 will be my […]

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