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BFI Trail Malaybalay City (4)

Malaybalay City, Bukidon: Useful Tips in Running Along the BFI Trail

Related Event: 4th Tri 30+ Run (March 1, 2014, Valencia City to Malaybalay City) Related Stories: 5 Reasons Why You Should Run in Malaybalay, Bukidnon; Tri 30+ Run: Running & Biking Priest Robert Selecios’ Giving Back Through Running; Malaybalay City, Bukidnon: Runner’s High in the Big Rock; Top 5 Running Routes in Bukidnon *** Bukidnon […]

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Letting go of my redemption ultra

by Armie Garde I am supposed to be one of the 145 ultra runners who pounded the roads of Alcoy and Santander in southern Cebu in a 100-kilometer race last Saturday, November 17, but fate had it as I ended up spending the whole day in bed, battling with body pains and fever. Last weekend’s ultra-marathon […]

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What do you run for?

by Armie Garde I am usually one of those who wake up early morning to join a race and simply run, but last Sunday morning was different, or so I thought. I cheered for my running friends and siblings who joined in the regional qualifying leg of the 36th National Milo Marathon in Cebu yesterday. […]

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2nd Pugalo Trail Run: Short But Sweet

Related Event: Pugalo Run 3 – March 16, 2014 (REGISTRATION OPEN! More info >>) 2012 Photos by John Domingo: Below is a race experience of the 2nd Pugalo Run last 2012. Read on and see the beauty of the place and people of Pugalo, Alcoy. *** I love small intimate no-frills races. I guess […]

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I can only change myself

Cross posting this from my blog site at, My official finish from yesterday’s Cebu City Marathon is 6 hours and 38 minutes. An acceptable finish for a beginner, but way off from my main goal to finish below 6 hrs. Overall, i would say, it was a bit frustrating run, it was fun the first […]

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That Spark of Madness with Runnroo

by Rose Buenconsejo Thinking back on Habagat Ultra Trail run, I’m not really sure what made me decide to join it. I guess they were the words ‘trail’ and ‘Friday’ (race started on a Friday). I’m excited with trails, and Friday means I can tag Mark along with me. In case it would be proven […]

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I finally have a moniker! :D

I was thinking long and hard about my moniker. I’ve asked a couple of people, one of them being fellow Runnroo, Jean, and she told me to call myself odd things like The Bully Runner or The Pathetic Runner.She must have misheard me and thought I was asking what she wanted to call herself. (Hi […]

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My Longest run, so far!

25K, from Capitol as Kilometer 0 to Naga as Kilometer 25, from 4:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Okay, so I’m crazy…but crazy only because I’ve never done this before. Running for more than four hours — almost six kilometers per hour — breathing in pollution coming from buses and big trucks along the national highway, […]

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Running reflection on a Sunday

After eleven hours of sleep, I felt that my body has recovered enough from Saturday’s Tour de Cebu Stage 3 six-hour run. I suffered pain on the sole of my feet because I ran barefoot in the first 8 kilometers and with my slippers on in the last 17 kilometers. The pain is manageable though […]

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Reasons why I run…

Many injuries are associated with running because of its high impact nature: pain in the knee, shin splints, pulled muscles, twisted ankles and some other leg related injuries. Why did I still opt to run when running can cause injuries? Here are the reasons why I run… Running is an inexpensive activity. All I need is a […]

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