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[ASIAN GAMES 2018]: Pre-race Talk with MARY JOY TABAL, Coach, Mayor Tomas Osmena, & MOTORACE Racing Team Family

All videos from Mary Joy Tabal’s ASIAN GAMES 2018 send-off presscon hosted by MOTORACE can be found here >>. Mary Joy Tabal’s Motorace Racing Team family hosted a send-off party / press conference at Motorace office before she’d leave for Jakarta, Indonesia to compete in ASIAN GAMES 2018 marathon event this Aug. 26, 2018. It […]

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Davao Running Group: 7 Things About Team Kapwa of TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60

Event: TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 (Digos City to Davao City, Sept. 5, 2015)(More info >>) Related story: The Davao UItramarathon Scene: The Latest from Team Kapwa *** How a running group will soon be celebrating with an ultramarathon event this Sept. 6, 2014 was just randomly created by runners watching, Michelle Estuar’s Running Essentials, a […]

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2013 / 2013 Club: No One Is Sane

2013/2013 Club. A virtual group dedicated to runners who put their sanity on the line. A brainchild of Cebu Ultrarunners Club president Tony Galon with the following Club Rules with Ledoy Medoza contributions: 1. BE HONEST 2. Must be at least 2013km within year 2013 3. You will be consider as Hardcore. If you can accomplish […]

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Surigao Runners Club (SRC): Creating New Wave in CARAGA Region

Related Events: Red Tie Run 2: Run for Aids Awareness 21K/10K/5K (organized by SRC, Dec. 1, 2013) Siargao it UP! Surfer dudes with ripped abs are probably the first thing that would come in your mind when talking about CARAGA Region because of Siargao. But a new wave is coming; short-split-running-shorts-wearing dudes are currently adding […]

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SWU SIGLAKAS 2013: MHAM Athletics Dream Team

Contributed by:   Jossy Ibn Onwude. A 2nd year medical student of SWU-MHAM College of Medicine, loves soccer (or football as how they call it), and has the affinity for solving problems. He founded Medifund, his recent tech start-up project, which is a “crowdfunding” platform for medical students needing financial support (It’s featured in various […]

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Dagan Caritas: Running with a Cause

Related Story: Running Couple: Forrest Gump’s Happy Ending Running and its disciples: Takas Bahay: His house is this world, and he is often out of this world. Ramon Fernandez III: He comes from this world. Van Helsing: The vampire hunter hunting his own self. Icon King: By law of nature, it’s logical he be called […]

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The G-Runners: thru milk teas & fake race bibs

Let’s get connected Need an inspiration on how to start running and going into the longer-distances? Here’s a story of 3 young professional girls who juggle work, family, relationships, and their little craziness of pursuing running from 5K to their soon first longest-distance race of 25KM and beyond. (For those wanting to join half-marathon distance […]

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