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Always #fotosmile

As we celebrate the Independence Day today, it’s also the interment / celebration of life for Sir John Domingo. He’s been very generous in sharing his running photos. As my celebration of his re-birth, I thought of sharing some of the photos I had of him. John and I had something in common, we’re “back […]

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Heroes Run: Batman vs Superman & My Superpower

Event: Heroes Run: Batman v Superman Run, April 9, 2016 What is harder than your 1st fun run? A comeback run after a long absence. IGNORANCE IS A BLISS. Unfortunately, having been running for a few years, I no longer have the ignorance. It seemed harder when I could visualize the hardships / challenges that […]

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[#flashbackfriday]: Back to where it started, MAPAWA Trail Marathon

Event: R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Marathon 2014, Oct. 26, 2014 (REGISTATION, more info here >>) R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Marathon 2014 – 42K, register >> R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Marathon 2014 – 22K, register here >> R.O.X. Mapawa Trail Marathon 2014 – 11K, register here >> Related stories: A CDO-ana’s 5 Things To Do in Cagayan de Oro, […]

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Behind / Beyond Fun Runs: My 1st Time as a Fun Run Host (MC)

Event: Dagan Para sa Kalikupan Related Story: Unexpected Race Photos: FotoSmile Cebu Equal Trading **** This year, when we started the “online registration” feature of, I’m able to see (and sometimes get more involved with) what actually happens when putting up of a race. it gets me to see more of what happen behind […]

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2nd Planting of Mangrove Trees for the Community of Brgy. Tungkil, Minglanilla

Members of Cebu Climate Change Association Inc. (CCCAI) organized a Mangrove Tree planting activity which was held last June 7, 2014. Together with some volunteers, they have planted an estimated 3thousand mangrove plants. The forests, in turn, have provided for the community, bringing in birders and other tourists and becoming a habitat for crabs and […]

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Camiguin 360: A barefoot runner’s first ultra

Event: Camiguin 360 (64k ULTRAMARATHON), March 29, 2015 >> [Note from the author: I submitted this for Mindanews’s “Our Mindanao” magazine.] AFTER FINISHING THREE marathons barefoot last year (Ahoooo!Ahooo! Ahooo!), I felt it was time to level up. The next step? Ultra marathons! Meaning, foot races longer than 42.195 kilometers. So when I read about […]

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Athletic Heart Syndrome

Recently we’ve talked Bien Probadora a good friend of mine since high school. He told me that he has a heart enlargement. I was shock and ask him again what did he say? WHHHAAATTT? Men are you serious? Then he state again that it’s just normal. Whhhhaaattt noorrmmmaaall? We are at the middle of our meeting when […]

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Love Letters to Runners

Starting Line They say, “Marathon can change ones life.” Does it? KM 10. Dear James, On my first road half-marathon, I was drowned with cheers of “Go, James, go!” That was the first time I encountered you, one of the well-loved runners in Cebu. But I came to not forget you, and looked-up to to […]

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CUC Goes to San Remegio for Pasilungan Project

Volunteerism in building shelters for super typhoon Yolanda victims.   Don’t think that we just gather to run a long mileage or more than 42K. But we can gather also as one through a volunteerism, cause after a wrath of a super typhoon, their is Cebu Ultrarunners Club(CUC) who is ready to risk everything just […]

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Top Runners’ Stories for July

Related articles: Ways to Share Story / Photos in What is Aktib Credits? Sharing Gift: Top Runners’ Stories from ———————————- “If the truth of our running is that in our ‘moving’ we find ourselves, then running is the gift that allows us to know ourselves deeper.” – Ultra Distance Runner Lizzy Hawker Then, […]

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