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Taking a glimpse into the random moments of a runner’s life.


Why I Run?

Because of envy. Back in 2011, friends were doing group runs early in the morning. I got so envious looking at their sweaty faces with the morning sun flashing at them. I so badly wanted to feel the sun hitting my face too. And, that’s how I started running. So in July, 2011 was when […]

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RUNdom Snapshots: Loving Rewards

We still have a few entries in our inbox for the Cebu City Marathon (CCM) 2013 give-away promo, that were not able to make it as we received them after the promo ended. It’s a waste to not share them so we’ll be sharing them one by one. Here’s one from Donald Adolfo, running at […]

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RUNdom Snapshots: Believe, while others are doubting.

We’re very happy to be shared with stories from running friends. So we’ll be putting up a column called “RUNdom Snapshots” in which we compile stories shared to us. This is NOT the 1st story that’s shared to us, but this will be the first which we’ll file in our Runner Moments cabinet file. —————————————————- […]

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