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“Prime Lots with View” for Sale

As they say that possibilities are limitless. I think all humans has this “care instinct” for nature. I think all of us love nature, even if we don’t really “go to it” by nature. Still, we show our love to it by signing and sharing every online petitions of saving trees, whales, waterfalls, or donate […]

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Training Wheels and the Filipino Spirit

When I first rode a bike, it was on training wheels. My parents thought it was the way to learn and it’s the safer choice. I do not blame them. Many parents think that way. It’s true that having those extra set of wheels will let you ride without having to balance. But that’s the […]

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Leg 3 CUC 100KM Top Female Preview: Is it going to be Lechon vs Eagle?

Related Event: CUC 100K – LEG 3 Related Stories: Ultramarathon Champ: Jieter Bada’s Extra Mile TAD’s Ultra Queen: Virginia Parajenog Rick Yap: Sir Chief of Ultra Running CUC 100KM Leg 3 Top Males Forecast: The Twins Face-off Runners’ progress during the CUC 100K Leg 3 race can be tracked live at This race tracker […]

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Cheers to Small & Anonymous Athlete Sponsors

This is in reply to BaldRunner’s sentiments posted on Condura Skyway Marathon’s facebook page: I believe anyone in the running community knows about this issue — our local talented runners not getting enough support. But, I believe there are a lot who are already doing something in their own little way to help: * BaldRunner […]

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