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A tip on keeping pace

I didn’t really do much running before Runnroo, so the only thing I could compare to the kind of physical stress that these LSDs have presented my body was when I used to play soccer back in college. But the exhaustion is probably the only common ground between the two. With soccer, you use great […]

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I finally have a moniker! :D

I was thinking long and hard about my moniker. I’ve asked a couple of people, one of them being fellow Runnroo, Jean, and she told me to call myself odd things like The Bully Runner or The Pathetic Runner.She must have misheard me and thought I was asking what she wanted to call herself. (Hi […]

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A beginner’s guide to running

by Odina Abellana  The day before I’m set to run, I take mental notes of what I’m supposed to bring: jogging pants, shoes, comfortable socks, warmers, a scrunchie (though I sometimes forget this) and the garmin watch we use to map out our adventure. My jogging pants symbolizes the length of the journey we are […]

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