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Training Wheels and the Filipino Spirit

When I first rode a bike, it was on training wheels. My parents thought it was the way to learn and it’s the safer choice. I do not blame them. Many parents think that way. It’s true that having those extra set of wheels will let you ride without having to balance. But that’s the […]

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The Rise of Enduro Machines

  Four years ago when I just started cycling, I only knew two types of mountain bikes: cross country and downhill bikes. But now enduro bicycles are on the rise. I’d like to think of enduro as a full-contact sport. Because often when you ride trails, you get to hit the ground, the end of […]

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Run Liloan: 5 of the Best Routes

Running is often about breaking mental barriers. Training can get you past that 42k, 100k, or even that ridiculous 100mi mark. That’s what I would want myself to believe. But being innately de-motivated, I rarely run. I only run because running is the only real life-saving athletic discipline. Running and swimming (in some cases). As […]

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You Should Boulder, Too!

Related Stories: * Lust For Lime: Annual Cantabaco Friendship Climb * Climb after Climb Last week, Vertigo Climbing Center held a bouldering competition called Psyche Up Vol. 2. The event aimed to gather funds for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan. This post will soon be updated to include the names of the winners. What […]

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