[Race Story] SM2SM RUN 10: QUICKIE 21K

I cannot think of any thing to write down about my SM2SM Run 10 experience because I was in a rush to get over and done with it because NCOV. I was excited for it because it’s the 10th edition; and I, the husband and the eldest were registered for it. I mean it feels nice to see a running event to exist for that long. Anyhow, the NCOV dampened my spirit, plus the husband was still nursing an injury, and I was not so keen in having the son join it because NCOV. So I went there, and all I did was pee at the race venue before the start. I was hoping to get into the first wave so I  could be done early but once inside the starting line chute, I felt the urge to pee again. So I got out, and did my business. Anyway, I was glad I got in the 2nd batch because I was able to catch up with my friend Dess, who was having her 1st half-marathon which I totally forgot. Bad friend here!


Dess’ obligatory awkward pose =)

I’m so happy she’s able to do a half-marathon in Cebu before going to Europe soon. Insert cry huge ugly tears.

Honestly, I was not much in shape for the 21K that’s why I was also in a hurry to get it done. The training was so scarce, insert all the excuses here. And, the very flat concrete road of the route, through and through, did not help.

But it looked like all the runners were also on the hurry to get done. It might really be because of the NCOV scare that there was not much chatter and interaction with each other. Every one was just tending to their own business.

Or maybe it was just I overthinking NCOV because there were still long lines for the Jollibee breakfast meal.

Anyhow, I did not have the fastest 21KM time, but I felt it was the quickest one like I toed at the starting line, ran, then exit.

Some photos from the SM2SM Run 10.

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