Cebu Marathon 2020: MAKE SOME NOISE

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Even before reaching the finish line, I could hear runners rambling like there’s so much extra distance. When I saw the sign 1KM to go near the Ayala Terraces area (finish line was near at the back of CIC area), and my GPS already registered 21KM in Parklane area, there’s really off with the distance.

I wanted to start cursing but then looking at my running time of 3:30 hours for 21K, shut up ta, besh! Unless I have a Milo-qualifying time or I was in 42K full marathon, I would really be beast mode because seriously, you know how the last stretch is so excruciatingly painful physically, emotionally, mentally.

So when my timer flashed back 3:20 running time after looking at the last 1KM sign, I just decided to eat my beef with the extra distance. It would be different if my timer’s showing 2:20, and I was gunning for a sub 2:30-hour 21K, it’s going to be all hell breaks loose. But honestly, I was a tad annoyed because really, I rarely get a sub 3:30-hour 21K; but then being an avid runner, you’re just happy to have a marathon in your city, and so you would just let those lapses slip.

Well, I always have no complaints about Cebu Marathon since joining it in 2012 because #supportlocal. But for a change, let me whine about Cebu Marathon.

“MAKE SOME NOISE!” The emcee before the gun start kept saying “Make some noise” like we’re in a disco (is it still called “disco” nowadays?). And, you know how runners were trying to save energy at the start, and so there was NO NOISE response. But he still kept shouting, “MAKE SOME NOISE.” And, I felt bad, and wanted to save the host from unresponsive audience.

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Pit Senyor!!! #cebumarathon

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The “MAKE SOME NOISE” became like an LSS (last song syndrome), it got stuck in my head during the whole 21K that I kept shouting in my head “PIT SENYOR!” as response to the host/emcee. So in my mind, there was a constant exchange of “MAKE SOME NOISE” and “PIT SENYOR!” for the entirety of 21K plus extra distance.

PIT SENYOR para sa SRP route! I’m so happy that the Cebu Marathon is back at its SRP route. Though sorry to the commuters as well as to those 1:1 people to car ratio for the traffic inconvenience; but it’s just so nice to have the very straightforward SRP route than going around the busy streets with almost non-existent sidewalk to pass by. Hopefully, whoever will be the Mayor/Governor, he/she would let the Cebu Marathon kept the SRP route or it would be much better if we have a big public open-space park? =) We got to MAKE SOME NOISE for that!

PIT SENYOR para sa sun rise! The thing I really look forward to passing the SRP route is the sunrise with the sea on one side, and the mountains on the other side. Insert motivational quote “Life is like a marathon” — beautiful and rough.

It was a perfect timing to see the sun started to creep in when I reached the 21K turning point. PIT SENYOR!

PIT SENYOR sa mga friends, familiar faces who have been making Cebu Marathon as their yearly “panata,” or are always making a running comeback.


PIT SENYOR to the fastest woman in Cebu, Mary Joy Tabal! Dear Sto Nino, thank you for this lady, and please continue blessing her. =)

PIT SENYOR, kita jud ko artista!

PIT SENYOR para sa mga sponsors, aid stations, volunteer crews, traffic and Police squad!

PIT SENYOR para sa mga maniniyot!

…to capture the emo moments.

MAKE SOME NOISE. Unless you’re gunning for something legit during the marathon, it would not hurt to carry your water bottle or 1 cup throughout the race.

1 versus…

After PIT SENYOR, HUNAT SUGBU na sad atong ishagit og kusog! =) Flexing this because spotted Ervin Limpag. =)

To the Cebu Marathon 2020 emcee, thank you for keeping me company throughout the run . Yes, I’m proud to endure the “MAKE SOME NOISE” for some extra distance. We’re made for those extra miles!

*Cover photo credits to Reynan’s PICS

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