I finally am able to figure out how to make the GPS feature of my new Garmin Instinct watch work. It’s been with me for awhile but it’s just this month that I really used it like how it should be used, and not just for #bloggerpose purposes. Yes, priorities! =)

I’ve been through a few different Garmin units from the Forerunner 305 to any thing in between, then the last one, before Instinct, was Forerunner 910XT. The 910XT was and is still my most favorite from all the garmin units I had used. It is already THE ONE for me. While others gushed over Fenix, I was just so inlove with 910XT. But nothing lasts forever, it got all beaten down. It can still work but it was so tattered; all the straps and buttons were gone that there’s no way I could turn it on and off.

The 910XT is already phased out by Garmin, and it’s hard to find even good second-hand units of it. So for awhile, I did not use GPS watch because I did not like the new model units of Garmin. The new ones were just too shiny, so many features, and all too blinged. Like, I want a watch that looks like a GPS watch, not a GShock or whatever.

Anyhow not having a GPS watch did not really make any difference to my “running because, really, with how I “run,” a GPS watch is NOT at all necessary.

So for those who asked if having a GPS watch is necessary or worth it? If it makes you feel more validated as a runner, then go get one. =)

Tinkering with Instinct, here are some un-important things I noticed from it.

1. Does it tell my birthday or is that the sunrise time? I’m referring to 5:18. It’s probably the sunrise time, right?

2. It’s default distance measurement is miles. How it sucks to see your distance in miles? Because kilometers gives you the feel that you run “longer.” Now, where to set this to KM?

3. That 3.11 miles is 5KM. Wow! I love 311 because “Amber is the color of the energy,” and orange is my favorite color, and 5KM is life! =)

4. How to get to the 160 heart rate? They said if you want to burn fats, this is the heart zone rate to be. Maybe, a crush running along side? =)

The heart rate monitor is a built-in feature with newer models I think. The old ones, you need a separate heart-rate strap which can be uncomfortable.

5. Never I can stretch zero battery life to 5KM. And, you know this is the stupidest thing I would say, “How do I actually charge this?”

If you’re planning to get a GPS watch, I hope this helps a lot. 😂

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