After I made by Cebu Marathon 2019 story at the beginning of this year, I made a big promise to run 42KM in 2020 on a 8min/km pace.

So finally this week, I registered to Cebu Marathon 2020, 21KM category. It took me awhile to register because I could not see myself committing to a training for a 42KM, much more an 8min/km pace training. And, I SO HATED MYSELF!

How did I let my relationship with running come into like this? More than letting running down, I so disappointed myself.

But on the other end, whatever happens, running never leaves me. Through thick and thin, it is just there. It never questions. It never demands.

And, so I love you running! I still feel bad about myself; but I’ll be nicer to myself like you. Thank you for staying committed to me.

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