In Between Running: PRATAy On

Singapore is Roti Prata and Teh Tarik for me. They’re like the perfect combo for PMS episodes. I like my prata dumped with egg, cheese, and mushroom. =)

So the first thing I do every time I got the chance to be in SG is to go straight to Upper Thomson where my default go-to prata place is, The Roti Prata House.

So I always make sure that our MacRitchie Trail run / jog / walk route would end up near the prata place in Upper Thomson. (I just have to mention this to make this post “running related.” @.@)

From MacRitchie Trail /Reservoir, we take the path that would exit in Windsor Nature Park, which is just 1KM away from The Roti Prata House.

So I talked about Roti Prata in this post because I definitely run out of things to write. But seriously, the last time we were there, and invited my friends for a dinner at the Roti Prata House, they said that the prata there was not good. And, I was like, “OMG, did I miss out on the better / best prata???”

So I made it my mission to taste every prata I came across during our last SG trip.

Westgate Mall Foodcourt in Jurong East

I forgot that I had prata on this side of SG.  So this was ????

Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe

This was recommended by an SG friend as she said that it’s her favorite. It was okayyyy for me.

Fusionopolis Mall

Aside from friends and prata, I love this part of SG because they have crochet installation every now and then.

Now back to prata… When I’m with these friends (who said that The Roti Prata was not good), time just literally flew away that I forgot to bother about other things. Thus, I forgot the name of the restaurant. It was on the lower ground of Fusionopolis Mall.

I enjoyed their prata here. It was chewy, and the curry and side sauces were good. The downside is they don’t have teh tarik. Why??? You cannot do that to me.

So what’s my verdict? I let swarm decide it for me.

Best to go there in the mornings when the serving is still on the huge side like the prata can be as big as my face.

There are too many prata places yet to be tasted but oh well, next time…?

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