In Between Running: That “Vibe” at Lotus Shores, Siargao

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After my first experience of Siargao in 2016 (story here >>), I said that I would not come back to this island because I’m scared what would “human / economic development” would bring to the place. At that time, Siargao was starting to become really more popular, and we all know what will happen next. My impression of Siargao, at that time, was that it has this certain “pure” vibe that would have a hard time surviving when “development” would take over. And so I want to keep my memory of Siargao that way thus going back is never on top of my list.

What’s up with us and entrance fees? @.@

But when friends invited you to join them in their Siargao trip, you just take it if there’s a chance. I mean when you’re with good friends, any place is a great place to be, right? =)

One of my friends joined the Yoga Retreat of Lotus Shores. You know, you always have that one “existentialist” / meaning-of-life seeker friend. While, I’m like “yow, I’m too cool for that stuff.” I don’t want to pry on that area because I accepted that I’m just an atom, and end of my blahblah for this topic.

And, I believe that’s one of the best things of Lotus Shores. I was not part of the retreat, but still being in the place made me introspect without others being obtrusive about it; like, it naturally comes…

It must be their food from their vegan cafe, Kali Ma Cafe. 

This was my most fave, burrito. I especially love the “bowl” part.

They were prepared from people who really led a vegan life, and not because it’s a fad. When food is prepared sincerely for you, somehow it touches you. (And, I’m still holding to eating veggies, and see how long can I hold on it in Cebu where it’s so impossible to NOT eat meat.)

Ginger, turmeric, lemon grass concoction

It can be the their yoga in the middle of greens and trees? For someone who avoided the “spiritual” aspect, I do miss the good old times yoga practice where it’s loaded with the spiritual side. I came to know yoga back in 2012; being a newbie runner, you’d get all sorts of advices and one of them is to do cross-training. I picked yoga because I felt it was the easier activity to do. I fell in love with it because yoga and running became my yin and yang.

Then, yoga became more popular. A lot of people have their own different intentions of doing yoga; it cannot be avoided that yoga practice became more generic to cater to all the different intentions. I have nothing against it if it makes more people enjoy it. But I kind of miss those days when yoga was about the breathing, centering, getting connected with your thoughts / body etc, those cheesy stuff instead of being too focused on doing a headstand? But I believe when we all have that fill of headstand and instagrammy poses, we always go back to that good old sentimental yoga.

I mean when you’re in the middle “greens” doing yoga, it’s hard not to feel more connected to your self, and the outside of our selves, be more at peace. (Lotus Shores in Siargao Yoga schedules here >>.)

It can be the unassuming people behind Lotus Shores. I truly enjoyed the few not-so-short conversations with them, I forgot to take photos. =)

Experiencing Lotus Shores, my faith in that “pure vibe” of Siargao to always exist is restored. =)

Other random photos from the Siargao 2019 trip:

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