[Race Story] Pamutan Trail Fest 2019: Kilig Over Kayata

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“Did the Titos of Cebu Trail Runners just had a woman made the trail route of 10K? Or were they sprinkled with feminine glitters?” This was on my mind every time I expected for something worst to happen but then I’m surprised with something delightful. Like I prepared myself for a gory movie, but it turned out to be a rom-com. It was so “kilig” instead of “kayata.”  (Though I cannot say how it was for the longer distance. And, no, I have no plans of knowing ever how’s it in the longer category. =)!)

The previous editions felt like I was either grasping for air because of the steep uphills, or like clinging dearly to the earth because of the steep downhills. But this edition, there was a moment where it was like a “HHWW” strolling around the hills in between steep ascents and descents.

It was just so squishy kilig!

Kilig.  My heart skips a beat every time I see Cebu City from this vantage point. I wish I could bottle-up Cebu forever in this kind of view.

Kilig. When you get further into the Pamutan trail route… that spaces between the starting line and finish line, that feeling I can’t explain.

Kilig. The obligatory #selfie at the Pamutan grassland.

With the 10K sweepers, David & Michael! Thank you!

Kilig. Maniniyot, the most important part of the program! Enough said!

Kilig. Seeing familiar faces…

The ultra ultra ultra runners!

Ayi, Rhoda


Doc Lope



Kilig. At the food station =)

Kilig. The Titos. Please bless them always, dear Lord. =)

insert all the missing Titos, Titas.

It feels weird that I’m making such a happy race account of Pamutan Trail Fest, or any trail running events of Cebu Trail Runners. Like see my faces, it’s genuinely smiling.

(More photos at Pamutan Trail Fest page >>, Jodel Seville fb album >>.)

Kilig. I’m now so excited to invite my beshies, titas, mareee friends without hesitation. The previous editions were some sort of an acquired taste. But this one, it will be love on the first get-go.

Meanwhile, looking forward to the Magma / Mt Mago Trail Run 2019 this December >>.

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