[Race Story] St. Ignatius Run 2019: Shout Out to the Electric / Lamp Posts

The best thing about the reclamation area route is that the electric posts are evenly spaced out. The standard distance of an electric post to another is 50 meters according to Atty. Heidi Acuna, ultramarathoner. It’s one of those tips I heard, when I started running, that stuck with me until now. From then on, I always have a special “feeling” for electric / lamp posts; I guess this is common to any runner.

St. Ignatius Run has became an annual family thing for us. It’s the fun run in which the whole family joins every year. This year, the older kids are doing their own thing. The eldest went to 12K; second was with her friends so I was only left with the youngest.

Among the 3, the youngest is the most not into running or any physical activity. So as expected, he was already whining 50 meters into the run. I tried bribing him from Jollibee to computer time but they did not help much.

So I randomly suggested that we run for 3 lamp posts, then walk 1 lamp post. Magically, it worked. =) The whining went away, and it was replaced with counting lamp posts.

So big Thank you, VECO / lamp posts and Atty. Haide Acuna! We got our 6K done with less whining! =)

Shoutout also to the volunteers, crews, and photographers! =)

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