Da Nang, VN: Unli-Bridges Running

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But first bahn mi…

…and Mi Quang. Before I thought that pho is the specialty wherever I would be in Vietnam. But after some time, it looks like each region has their own specialty. For Da Nang, it’s mi quang; while pho is Hanoi’s. It’s like lechon baboy is Cebu’s, and litson manok is Bacolod (owkei, I hope my analogy is right.).

Mi Quang looks like pho just like any “soup” dishes I guess. But the difference is the broth which is from sea foods because Da Nang is surrounded by sea. The familiar taste of the soup for me is the “imbaw” shell.

Now back to “running” because this is a running blog. And, I’m not stopping myself!

Da Nang feels like Cebu to me. Geographically, it’s like Cebu because Da Nang is in the middle of Vietnam map. The weather at that time we were there was hot, and it’s close to the sea.

Then, it has bridges which connects the main city to an “island” (which is really not a separate island) which has the famous My Khe Beach.

One difference of Da Nang to Cebu though is that the whole city becomes a lighting show at night. It’s like they have no electricity shortage.

It has been a habit every time I get to a new place that I instantly scan around to see where we could do a quick morning run. So when I saw the bridges, it was an instant running spot. I need not look further.

Getting this view every morning, it was enticing to just go out, and run or stroll.

I guess we’re not alone with the idea of getting out in the morning.

First bridge we tackled was the dragon bridge.

On the other side of the bridge…

The second bridge, the stringy bridge…

Gotta #bloggerpose with that fiery sky…

Crossing the second bridge led us to what looks like an esplanade.

We ended the morning run with bacon. =) Bacon in Vietnam is something. It’s not the crispy kind; it’s more of soft and juicy. It has its own charm. =)

Lettuce for food styling =)

Third bridge, the boring bridge on a rainy morning.

I guess this is probably an old bridge. Unlike the other 2 bridges, it has not much fun fare. =) Why am I judging the bridge?

On the other side of this bridge, it has a park.

This was the view from the park, the place where I started the morning run.

And, the most exciting part, the post-run treat!

Vietnamese coffee, and random pho…

This was probably the trip where we took too many bridge photos

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