Running in Richard Gomez’ City, Ormoc =)

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Lake Danao, Ormoc

Year 2017 when I was able to go to Ormoc City twice. The first time, I was charmed so we went back again in the same year. After the 2nd time, I made a lot of plans like trekking some mountain peaks, running to Lake Danao, etc but until nothing came out of it. So let me just post my lovely quickie running memories in Ormoc. =)


My first time in Ormoc, we stayed in the city center. In our morning run, we found ourselves following the concrete paths beside the Anilao River. You can think of it like an “esplanade.” They said the “esplanade” was donated by JICA after the Ormoc flood in the 90s.

We started in their Boulevard.

Then we just went traipsing down the streets until we found ourselves in Ormoc Fish Market.

Then, we found the Anilao River beside the market, then we just followed wherever the riverside path would take us.

Anilao river meets the sea…

We crossed the river to get to experience the other side of the river.


Back at where we started…

Post-morning-run treat at their “painitan…”

For more treats, I love Mayong’s, never must be missed when in Ormoc!

(To locate it in Google Maps, key in “DENR CENRO-Ormoc.”)

The second time we went to Ormoc, we stayed in Sabin Resort — “ang resort ng bayan of Ormoc.” It’s probably around 2km away from the city’s center.

When I went on a morning run alone, I was circling in the nearby area trying to find a route I can tackle. A few meters away across the resort’s entrance was a detour going uphill. And, “uphill” is always an interesting place to start.

So this was the view that greeted me when I made the detour. Definitely, I made the right decision on the right direction.

It was a wonderful stretch of beautiful views, mountains and farms on one side…

… and the sea on another side.
I chanced upon farmers planting sugar cane.

I made a quick chat with them, and ask for sugar cane seedlings which I brought with me back home. We did grow the sugar cane seedlings, and now they’re gone because we ate them.

Post-morning-run treat? =)

ORMOC, you are beautiful!

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