Biliran has still no Jollibee when I was able to go there. As my kids would categorize it, any town without Jollibee is a “small sleepy town.”

But growing up in and coming from a small town, being in that kind of place is nostalgic; there’s that happy and longing feeling of childhood days looking at the very laid-back life and scenery.

After passing that popular orange bridge, which connects Biliran to the bigger island / province Leyte, I felt like there’s nothing much to do in Biliran. But duh, it’s not Biliran’s responsibility to entertain me!

But with 2 feet, there’s always something to do.

Relying on feet, there’s instantly a lot to do. I mean if you go to a waterfall with just 2 feet instead of riding a car, it would become a whole day affair, instead of just a 30-minute event of a “day tour,” especially when you’re slow AF like me.

I / we did a lot of feet and wheel activities just randomly going around Biliran.

But the longest trek I had done was going to Ulan Ulan Falls and beyond from the highway / main road (This was done on different days). From the place we stayed, Marvin’s Sea Side Inn, to Ulan Ulan Falls was around 10KM. So it’s a 20KM round trek, enough to last for 3 days!

My few random photos from the Ulan Ulan Falls in Almeria, Biliran trek. It was uphill straight all the way to the Ulan Ulan Falls after detouring from the highway / main road.

But we know that when huffing and puffing in going up, we can always turn our head and enjoy the view! =)

Rice fields forever…
Before going to the trail head to the Ulan Ulan Falls, you need to register and pay minimal fee.

And, it got exciting from there because the roads then became small dirt trails. =)

From the trail head, I think Ulan Ulan Falls is probably around 2-3KM or maybe less than that.

We trekked further, and there were more mini waterfalls along the way.

San Jose Waterfalls is what they call this one.
We trekked further, and it the path got trickier.

We did not have any GPS trace of the place so we did not push much our luck.

We just retraced our steps, found a spot, and chill. =)

But if tricky stuff is what you crave, I think there’s no limit of going further. =)

That was BiliRAN for me. =)

Other random photos from that trip just because…:

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