[Cheap Trails] Guindulman, Bohol: Aimless Walks

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It was the The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2019 last weekend; and I do badly missed it. So I thought of posting another Bohol-related story.

Last year, when we joined the TAPP trail run, we stayed in Bohol Lahoy Dive Resort, which is located in the town of Guindulman, 30KM away from the Alicia.

It’s my first time to be in this part of Bohol. Being used to the popular spot Panglao, Guindulman felt like a sleepy town, which I like veryyyy much!!! The beach in the resort were staying was “rocky,” not the long-stretch white sand kind of beach, which again, I love because it means NOT a lot of people are attracted to it. I can have all the sea to my self. (Anda beach is just 30KM away though.)

The resort was cozy because they serve decent coffee. I know it’s such a petty but however beautiful a place is if there’s no decent brewed coffee around, #kthnxbye. Kidding!

So now this post is getting aimless… =)

I did not finish the TAPP trail run last year so I badly need to walk the sad feelings off.

I went out of the resort, then found a dirt road across, and just follow it aimlessly.

A few meters of going up a lazy hill, this was the view that met my eyes.

I found another smaller road parallel the bigger dirt road, and in trail running / trekking: the smaller the path, the more interesting it is. So I took the chance, and went up the smaller path…

And, nasa New Zealand na ba ako, bes???

If yes, please don’t wake me up! And, I’m going to end it here before my #selfies flood this post. =)

Guindulman, you’re such a beauty! Bohol, however familiar you can be, I’ll never get tired of you!

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