[Sagada, Mountain Province] Cheap Trails: Finding Lunch Via Echo Valley

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So the year was 2016, we went to Sagada and stayed around 2-3KM away from the town center. On one of the days when we were there, we wanted to go the town center to have lunch, but we thought of using the Echo Valley route to reach the town center.

The usual route of the Echo Valley trek starts in the town center, and will end / exit somewhere near the place we’re staying. So if we would start trekking from the exit, and exit at the entry point of Echo Valley trek, naturally, we would end up in the town center. Viola! =)

The “exit” way where we started was not so obvious back then. It just looked like some house’s path way. But any how, it’s easy to ask someone for direction, and there are like maps of Echo Valley available.

The Echo Valley trail path is parallel to the main highway so it’s not like you’re really in a very remote place.

We kind of passed through some sort of cave at the start of the trek.

We met a few trekkers along the way, and they’re usually with a guide. It was later on that we learned that the default is to register first in the tourism office, and get a guide to trek the Echo Valley.

We passed by the “Hanging Coffin.” But I skipped it. I just don’t really feel comfortable making someone’s dead body a tourist destination.

After the hanging coffin, there was some uphill to climb since we need to get out of the “valley” already.

I think this was the Echo Valley part (not sure). It’s when you shout, it will bounced back. Well, it was a valley so definitely, the noise will be bouncing around.

Not hanging coffin. Once we’re out of the Echo Valley was a Catholic cemetery.

Then, the St. Mary The Virgin Church. It’s kind of weird that behind the Catholic church, and cemetery is the spot of the hanging coffin of the long time ago tribe’s people of Sagada.

After the trek, we then proceeded to register at the Tourism office. I’m so sorry for being ignorant about the how-to of registering in Sagada as tourist but I think the the first thing you do when you landed in SAgada is to register (This might change now.).

So finally, lunch! Food in Sagada can be pricey. I had not found any “carenderia” level kind of price range. I guess it’s because all the restaurants there were for the tourist. I don’t think the locals there go out to eat.


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