[Sagada, Mountain Province] Cheap Trails: Kiltepan 2016

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I was a fan of the “That Thing Called Tadhana” movie; it was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Sagada back in 2016…

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…and so what’s also in the minds of the other million viewers who contributed to the P134M earnings of the film because the Kiltepan View deck was packed when we went there. This was the place where Mace, the lead character, shouted the “Walang forever!!!” (Owkei, I’m not sure with the line. I might need to rewatch it!)

So we went to Sagada with nothing in my mind except for that famous Kiltepan scene of That Thing Called Tadhana so naturally, it was the first place we visited. We planned out how would we go there, search for the map / GPS traces, etc. because we thought the path going there would be a tiny trail. But then, the hotel staff told us we could just ride the van together with the other guests to the place. There’s the death of my romantic thoughts of trekking a trail to meet the sunrise and sea of clouds. (There’s actually other trails, dirt road trails, that lead to Kiltepan viewing deck, which you might want to explore.)

Anyhow, we still opted to trek it on our foot instead of riding a car to the Kiltepan. I guess it’s just around 3-5KM, via the main road, from the town center of Sagada to the detour to the viewing deck. Then, from the detour from the highway to the view deck is 1KM. It’s definitely a nice easy walk. If you want to catch the sunrise, then you must start early which can still be dark. I mean, beautiful things always take effort. =)

We went there in 2016. I wonder what is now the scene there. Well, a nice coffee place would be nice.

We went a bit further away from the crowd.

And, just around the corner, the place was empty. And, I had all the place to #bloggerpose.

Front view…

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Back view…

And all sorts of view…

Going home, we followed a foot path, and hoped that we’d end up at the place we’re staying.

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