Cebu Marathon 2019: Thank you, next push!

If there’s one thing that I mastered in running is “pacing.” I’m not a skilled runner; I don’t even have a decent speed (I’m not judging any one), but I very know how to budget / divide my speed and energy through the course to get my self to the finish line whatever distance category I will be (of course, I don’t join race categories that I know are way over my pace budget). In real life, this “pacing” helps me a lot like “pace-ti” happens and you just move forward (sorry, I could not think of any witty quotable quotes to insert here).

But I did not train well for Cebu Marathon 2019, I came to the race without pace plan or a budget plan because I did not have any speed and energy to budget in the first place.

And, so on to the another important lesson I learned from running, NO to NEGATIVITY. This is definitely the best “habit” I got out of running. I’m not negative to other people, but I am so negative to my self. Running did not totally remove it but it helps in me in toning down my negativity to myself.

So back to Cebu Marathon 2019, since I’m so uncertain with my energy and speed budget, the negativity and doubts were just so strong in my mind.

And so on to another lesson in running, being grateful. I always thought that I’m a very thankful and grateful person. But running has taught me to be more grateful, hopefully on a deeper level. The thought that I am able to run, that I’m able to join a marathon, that I learn how to be more thankful, then I realized that there’s more to be thankful than to be negative about. When I’m thankful, it’s easier to PUSH away negativities.

So every time I doubt my self during the marathon, I would remind myself to be thankful that I’m able to join the Cebu Marathon 2019, and I push “PUSH” in my head.

So when it got painful and felt slower to reach another “traffic cone,” I know it’s cheesy but I’d pat myself at the back for being able to reach this distance, and PUSH.

When I’d hate myself for coming to the race without training, it’s no use blaming, so PUSH!
PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! “PUSH,” was probably the word that I most used last Cebu Marathon 2019.

But yeah, I still hate myself for not training because I did not get to take a lot of photos along the way because no budget for that. =) I don’t really feel complete if I don’t get to take a lotttt of photos during race.

But push pa rin natin ang #bloggerpose bahala’g gidlay para halad ni Baby Jesus!

This 2019, hopefully, there will be more “push” in real life. Viva Pit Senyor!

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