Pamutan TrailFest 2018: Not Just a 7KM Trail Run…

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“Di man ni 7KM.”
“Abi man nako sayon ra ni kay 7km ra.”
“Sayon ra lagi tan-awn sa ilang videos.”
My beshies’ random comments after 2KM into the 7KM category of the Pamutan Trailfest 2018.

I was with my beshies who were first timers of Pamutan Trail run. And, though it was not my first time joining Pamutan trail races, I had the same sentiments with them.

Years ago, I joined the 20ish KM category on its first edition of this trail run. I don’t know what it was called yet at that time. It was hard, like just kill-me kind of hard. Charot! The second time I joined which was probably their 3rd edition, I learned from my past mistake so I joined the 14KM category, and it was, “Shyet, nailad ko. I was out of the trail after 6 hours for a 14KM distance.” (Read story here [Race Story] Pamutan Marathon 2017: ILAD.)

So finally this 2018 edition, I’m so learned and experienced about this trail run so I joined the 7KM with the beshies. Definitely, the shortest category would not fail us.

But as always, it never turned out as “walk in the park” for me and my beshies.

So first #groupfie with the fog…

First part of the route, approved!

Then, Tito Bo had a surprise.

And, everything just went not-so-walk-in-the-park any more…

But we can always make up with more #bloggerpose…

It’s definitely an ORGANIC trail run…

The queen that does not need to #bloggerpose. #fitspiration. #ootdspiration

14KM champion, Jade Abellana

Shoutout to the volunteers of this race.

Now on to our last stretch but let’s brace our selves because “it’s the climb!”

If the going gets tough, beauty rest.

Stand up, brush the dust off, and #groupfie for the famous Pamutan grassland.

From grassland to lalalaland because it’s like nowhere. You just have to give up thinking that the end is near or else you’ll just get frustrated.

It’s time to dig deep, and #selfie.

Because the fest is here!

And, coffee at the finish line… =)

So it’s was NOT JUST A 7KM RUN because it’s LOVE. The beshies are definitely coming back.

Congrats, Titos!!! Nagkagwapo jud… ang Pamutan trail run. =)

Thanks to all the volunteers, and sponsors: Salomon, Union Galvasteel, Coco Running, Ahon, Ramen Dojo, Cebu Bionic, SM Seaside, Megawear, Urban Athletica, Kai Stickets, Infinitea Cebu. 

More photos at Pamutan Trailfest 2018 fb page >>.

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