[Race Story] Cebu Parklane International Hotel Hunat Sugbu 8: Most “INSPIRING” Race Story

Standing at the starting line of Hunat Sugbu 8 21KM, while trying to find familiar faces of running friends, I realized that it’s been 7 years that we’ve been running and joining fun runs. And, after 7 years, I honestly do not know longer how to make an exciting race story. It’s just going to be like… These were the random thoughts inside my head:

“Oh there, the old running friends always arrived on the last minute at the starting line. Thank God, I finally have some familiar faces to take a selfie with.

Let’s hold the camera up so we’d look a bit slimmer because we’ve been just eating more, and not running any more.”

“Just few minutes to gun start, and the pee is bothering me again. Should I go back, and be left by the pack? Or can we just gun start it now so I can now run into a gasoline station to pee!!!”

“Thank you! Thank you, volunteers, for taking time to wait for this slow runner.”

“Argggghhhh, the photographer is on the other side!!!! Why????? I’m too lazy to cross the road!!!”

“C’mon sky, give a bit more vibrant color because I need to have a nice shot for my instagram. =) But hey, it’s always lovely just being outside.”

“The never-ending comeback race of Salimuang Runner…”

“I’m so happy to see more old running friends, familiar faces… struggling at the back of the pack. Because my misery loves company!!!”

“Parklane, more of this please.” =)

“Gaaahhh, 11KM… Well, at least it will just be 2 more hours of struggling.”

“My new running friends… The face of innocence…”

“The yummy food to remind you that it’s going to be hell after this.”

“Either old or new runners, now, it’s time for the “suck it up” until we see finish line moment.”

“And, don’t forget the medal pose at the finish line because (old and new) runners’ happiness can be simple like that.”

“And oh nothing new, these old fast runners are still fast and effortless. Selfie, girls!”

“And, oh my obligatory finishing time photo! It’s embarrassing 3:30, but still shamelessly bragging it!”

So there goes my race story. I hope this inspires you, and most of all inspire me!!! =)

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