[Guimaras] Cheap Trails: Celebrating Manggahan Festival, the less-traveled way

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We were in Guimaras on the 3rd week of May 2018, and the whole month of May happened to be their Manggahan Festival. So we did our own celebration of Manggahan Festival by running through a mango farm… =)

We stayed at a friend’s house in Sta. Teresa, Jordan. And one morning, we just took whatever road we set our eyes on.

And, I took in whatever beautiful view was thrown to me — the beauty of aimless running.

We got a beautiful award as we ended on a beach.

Now trekking back home… For some reason, same path will never always have the same view.

Then, we decided to take a chance of finding a shortcut by detouring through a trail path.

And, we found ourselves smacked in the middle of a mango farm! It was a nice way to be part of the Manggahan Festival.

And, a bloggerpose to end this sweet morning run in Guimaras.

When you’re in Guimaras, it’s not only Manggahan Festival; it’s always fruit festival.

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