[Cebu] Cheap Trails: Camping & Trekking Kids’ Edition at Foressa Trails

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Last Holy Week weekend, we made a trek to the mountains of Balamban instead of to the beach, which is the most popular Easter Sunday / weekend destination. True enough, we arrived to a very empty camping ground in Foressa Trails. (It is a real estate development by Aboitiz which has trails and other outdoor facilities open for public, for more information >>.)

On the up side, we had the whole camping ground and Foressa Trails to our selves. =)

Board / card games is very fun… when there is no internet! =) (Cool board / card games from Dice Kong in Vibo Place >>.)

There was a lot of roasting: BBQ, and…

… marshmallow roasting! And, the most important part is BONFIRE!

Unexpectedly, everyone got a decent sleep! So coffee, and everything instant for breakfast!

Finally, after a lot of ceremonies, we’re ready to trek. I realized that preparing for a trek with 4 kids could take a lot of time. So we started a bit late, but no one’s backing out!

But first things first, Foressa Trail staff gave us briefing of the trail route. Since, we had kids with us, we’re only allowed to the Beginner’s Trail Route. We were also provided with a trail guide. =)

These kids were then off to their Easter Egg Hunting trail edition. =)

We went over the hills…

We crossed rivers… and dip into the waters.

We bloggerposed…

We climbed up the hill…

And, someone threw a tantrum. =)

Also, that someone picked his self up, and trekked on!

And, every thing ended well! =) As they would say, “Even a bad run is better than no run.” A bad trek is never a bad thing!

The squad with Kuya Sonny (on the right most), our trail guide! Thank you, Foressa Trails and staff!

CONGRATS to K’s first trek! She was such a camper!

More random photos from trek at Foressa Trails, Balamban, Cebu:

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