AWUM 2018: Because Training is Life, Angling is Lifer

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All-Women Ultramarathon 2018 will be my 5th time. For all the previous 4 editions that I joined, I don’t remember I had an easy time with it. Each one was a struggle to finish. However I would train for it, I always ended up feeling dying, hating the world, and asking “seriously, what’s the meaning of life? Will this self-inflicted suffering feed a hungry starving person printed on NATGEO magazines?” in the last 10KM. Duh! How can be an ass the world I/we created!

But still I look forward to AWUM because… well, honestly, it came to a point, that there’s no really need to have a divine reason to do it. I mean like why do we always demand for higher reason. Seriously, nobody cares! And, you don’t need to care. But, then human nature, we always need to be serving higher goals because we need to have purpose or importance; or I’m just blabbing now.

Owkei, I’m just really trying to be “deep” before I share an overdose of #selfies.

Don’t be deceived by these “easy” looks. Yes, we know we’re in for a lot of suffering on race day!

And, that Chyrel just really wish to have handsome men to touch massage her when the going gets “HARD” but then really, we don’t…

…because what matters most is our best angle in the best “aura” moment. =)

Yes, even in food, angling is life. And, we care. =)

And, IS IT NOT SO INSPIRING TO SEE WOMEN HELP EACH OTHER FIND THEIR BEST ANGLE? =) And, for that what makes All-Women Ultramarathon simply inspiring. =)


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