Cebu Marathon (CCM) 2018: 42KM-Worth of Selfies

UPCOMING EVENT:The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2018 (Feb 10, 2018)
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YOU ARE WARNED, this is all about selfies!

In my comeback to the full marathon category of CCM (or is it only Cebu Marathon only? The “City” is dropped already? C’mon, Mayor Tomas Osmena, how could you not support it? This can be the answer to traffic problem.) after 2 years of missing it, I gave up in making PR or PB (Personal Record or Best) time or however you call it because I believe in higher purpose of my running. I believe Sr. Sto. Nino want me to enjoy what I’m most capable at: TAKING SELFIES / photos.

For some unknown reason, I always have this strong urge to take selfies during running events. After joining a few races, you would develop this special connection with other running mates. It’s a special kind of bond that you share in long-distance running, especially during suffering, that somehow connects you with each other in a way that only each of you would get. So when I would see them alive again suffering in yet another long-distance race, I could not help but have this uncontrollable glee / excitement that I just want to grab them and have a selfie because “OMO we’re both alive and enjoying this kind of suffering!!! We’re so special!”

So let me present my PR (Photo Records):

Taking photos was not an easy task this Cebu Marathon 2018 because it was raining. Though, I was really happy that it rained because running in cool weather is really much easier but my taking-selfie PR had to sacrifice.


I consider running long distance as a form of masochism. And, I always see joining Cebu Marathon as an extra case of masochism as you have to prepare it during Christmas holidays when everyone just wants to chill, and when you have to excuse early from parties as you still have this long run to make.

But there are friends who really take masochism to next level when they would 42KM in an outfit not most suitable for running just because:

Mr. Foundation… errr Michael Jackson

Brent =)



Because these people knew better but then instead volunteer at the aid stations which is not at all an easier task.

Sidney at Holiday Gym Spa Aid Station

If you happen to know UNGO runners, it’s a sign that you’ve been running for so long, and that you’re in the “older generation” of runners. Of course, UNGO can still be considered younger than the CERC (Cebu Executive Runners Club).

Classic Beauties of UNGO…

Infinitea Runners

Sometimes you don’t need an Aid Station to volunteer…


The runners who look like running marathon is just another normal day of their lives…

The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2018 (Feb 10, 2018) represent… I’m inviting you, friends, to join this trail run because it’s gonna be lit… Details here >>.

“Rose, mag trail na sad ta…” Idol this when you’re struggling yet to finish a marathon, but this human already invite you for a trail run.


Sir Marc…

TCRC represent…


Markeee or Roland, it doesn’t matter as long as I get a selfie!

TAD Muse


The Davao runners presence is so strong. It makes me want to visit again Davao and join one of their races; it’s been a long time. =)

Team Kapwa LODIs

Team Kapwa has annual DC2DC Ultramarathon, which usually happens on the month of September. Check their page to to get updated, Team Kapwa Davao >>.

Angkol & Uncle RD Jay =)

TK Trucker Chick


TDR has yearly running events (trail & road ultra); you can check their facebook page Team Davao Runners >>.

BEMWA FARM represent, Marlon Yap.

Vertical Race Monster LODI

Being RD of trail races in Mindanao, it’s probably a miracle to see this guy in a road race. To join his vertical races, check Vertical To Sky Mountain Race page >>.

2018, please bring me to Davao! =)


Sir Edddd


Dustin & Belle =)


Barefoot Albert

Where’s Yoko Ono?

PPIP, finally!


JOKE! I bet we’re all tired, and taking photos is just a way to take a breather.


Shiela & Ma’am Nene


Anne Guinto, complete name


The consistently late-comer, but consistently making a PR. =)

Surfer Chick, IJ

Hunter, I don’t know where to put you so here you are. =)

TUHOG Camera Roll

The four of us, I and Romil Garces’ squad, in this photo has this silent TUHOG war that started back in SM2SM 2017. And, yes, I WON this time! =) (Tuhog when you overtake them in the later, and ends ahead in crossing the finish line.)

Dennis Salimuang Runner. Let me have this moment!

Congrats, Soy! Quitting is harder to do. =)

As always, the people who deserve more to be in photos…

MEDIC Volunteers


Countless Volunteers


The Turning Point Babes

Saging ni Manoy

The gallons and gallons of water…

The volunteer pastries…

Kenneth & DJ JIGGY with another DJ aka Michael Jackson

The ever goodlooking media #squadgoals


Thank you! That was always one for my #selfie book!

Also, thank you to our selves! =)

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