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On the 2nd half of the year, I joined a few trail running events starting with Pamutan Trail Challenge (story here >>.) with a road-running shoes. And, always I’d be advised to get a trail running shoes, but part of me wanted to prove that it’s not about the shoes but it’s about how strong your legs are.

The thing is I’m not really putting much effort in strengthening my legs. So after Habagat Mountain Challenge (story here >>), where it was a total mud-fest for my butt, I decided to just get myself a trail running shoes because I could not buy strong legs. =)

I originally plan to get a Salomon-brand trail running shoes with my discount coupon from the Salomon Xtrail Run at Foressa Mountain Town (story here >>), but I got too lazy to go to SM Seaside where their store is located. Sorry, my buying decisions are really not that reliable. =(

So I got a Saucony instead because it’s available in SM City Cebu, which is way more accessible than SM Seaside. I came to love Saucony brand though their shoes’ colors are just so out of sync. =)

I was hoping to get their Peregrine (their popular trail shoes) but I could not find one available or maybe I did not look hard enough (Gawd, my laziness!). So I picked up the one with the most profound grid on its bottom / sole for a stronger grip. And, it helps that the outer sole of the shoes is pink.

(I removed the inner sole to make it a bit thinner. One of the reasons why I don’t like trail shoes because they’re thick but it’s probably constructed that way for the grid on the outer sole.)

So here is the unboxing video:

I took it out for some running in our usual running place, which is an off-road. Here are some photos:

First, selfie!

Conclusion: I love it! It works! Though, a better color combination would give it an extra oommphh!

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