[Race Story] Salomon Xtrail 2017 Cebu Leg at Foressa Mountain Town: 4 Things I Would Have Missed…

Event: Salomon Xtrail 2017 Cebu Leg
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I’m so thankful that Mrs. Gong Yoo aka Dreary dragged me into joining the Salomon Xtrail 2017 – Cebu Leg. I was not looking forward it because it was on the same weekend with Habagat Mountain Challenge, to which I signed up first (Read my Habagat Mountain Challenge race story here >>.)

This heart is for you, Oppa Yoo!

The race was sold-out early so it was already a bit challenging to us way before it started… But thankfully, with some patience and Dreary’s charm, we legitly got in! =)

This aegyo is for the Oppa & Unnie organizers / crew for being so nice to accommodate us! =) S/O to Chardeee too! =)

Promise, my race bib is legit!

The hassle (on us and on others) of getting into Salomon Xtrail 2017 – Cebu Leg was just worth it, or else I would miss these things:

RD Larry’s comeback race
The first organized trail run I signed up in Cebu was race directed by Larry. It was in Mulao, Lilo-an. I had then been joining every trail run he’d done in the past. Then, he probably went on sabbatical organizing trail runs as I had not heard any races from him.

So I felt giddy seeing him organized a trail run again! Hopefully, Salomon Xtrail – Cebu Leg will have a yearly edition, and also more other trail runs from Larry. (For those who wants to try trail running in Cebu, you can also check Cebu Trail Runners’ page.)

More trail-loving friends. Need I say more? =)

Champion friends

Paul James Zafico, 21K 1st placer; AJ Mercado, 21K 2nd placer

Girl power!

The back-to-back friends…

Meyux, Rex

My forever classmate, IJ! =)

My new trail classmate, Tri-Life TSay couple!

Relationship goals

Probably #relationshipgoals is my overused hashtag / words in the entirety of this blogsite so I will let it be overused!

I was trailing behind this loving couple. It was an additional breath of freshness seeing them so “aegyo.” =)

This Tri-Life (magazine) couple is for life and love! =) Definitely #mayforever.

Walang laspag sa hamag =)

The PEOPLE we love most on races: Photographers! =)

You can a link to photos of the Salomon Xtrail 2017 – Cebu Leg here, Cebu Mountain Festival: Habagat & Salomon >>.

Paksit Photos

There were more. Sorry to miss taking photo of you, guys! =(

Foressa Mountain Town

Another reason that I was not really keen in joining the Salomon Xtrail 2017 – Cebu Leg because it was held at Canso X, which is now rebranded to Foressa Mountain Town. I’d been to Canso X a few times before so I thought there was not much to look forward to.

But WOW, Aboitizland did a better job on it. It was already beautiful before but this time, it’s just better. It’s like being in a first-world country where there are manicured maintained nature parks. You better go there, and see the trails and other amenities of Foressa Mountain Town for yourself because you are definitely missing a lot!

Every corner is instagrammable. =)

These smiles are saying, “We love Foressa Mountain Town! And, more Salomon Xtrail Run in Foressa pleaseee!”

Plus, WONGGOYS was there! @.@

And much thank you to the marshals and crew!

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