[Race Story] Habagat Mountain Trail Challenge 2017: DNF (Diva Not Finished)

Event: Habagat Mountain Trail Challenge 2017

After getting down from Sirao Peak, I felt being such a diva, and decided to quit from the 16K of Habagat Mountain Trail Challenge. Looking at the upcoming downhill route, and the rain started to pour again, I had enough of my butt kissing the mud over and over again.

So I threw in the towel, but first #bloggerpose!

As always, DNF always come with misery so I drowned it with buko juice! =)

But it was not that really hard to quit from this race. Almost half of the route I covered was amazing that I felt like I had more than enough of “memory” of the race to take home with me.

We’re supposed to trek a river, that would pass the Budlaan waterfall, but due to the rain the night before, the organizers decided to let us take the ridge parallel the river for safety. I was just happy about it because I really love ridges over any body of water.

But I was not really prepared with the very steep ascent on the way to the top of the ridge, plus it was super muddy and slippery. So the struggle was real being on a 4X4 mode, meaning literally crawling and clawing on the mud and roots just to get pull myself up to the back of the ridge.


But as always, the view on top was always worth it. Or maybe, it’s a way of trying to fool ourselves that it’s worth it. Anyhow, I would not want it any other way.

We, the beautiful view!

I did feel like I shortchanged myself for not finishing it because I bet the views in the upcoming part of the route were also something to look for forward to. But the diva in me just ruled over me, and promise I will do better next time!

First time… in Sirao Peak!!! @.@

Congrats to friends from Cebu Trail Runners for finishing! =) Special shoutout to Manilyn Mamugay, 30K Female Champion!

Special thank you to, Habagat organizers, crew, and team, for the wonderful adventure! Looking forward to next year’s edition, which I hopefully can finish! =)

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