A Short “Chao Long” Story in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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If lechon is Cebu, Chao Long is for Puerto Princesa… I’m not really sure on that statement though. But I love PHO, like Pho > Ramen any time!!! =) It’s probably in Puerto Princesa where you can find more of it because Vietnamese refugees used to relocated there.

So when I got my self in Puerto Princesa last August for the Geeks on a Beach, I tried to gorge on as many Pho I could. But they call their Pho as Chao Long, which is also another Vietnamese-origin dish so I’m calling it Chao Long in this post.

Now on to my short Chao Long trip in Puerto Princesa.

3. Bona’s Chaolong

We first visited this because it’s highly suggested by blogs and foursquare.

His’ & hers… Their soup here has this certain “color,” which I found weird. But it looks like they added Sriracha or something like that.

Their bahn mi version…

2. Rene’s Saigon Restaurant

Drug-free =)

Their food was way better than Bona’s, but it was not really like “WOOWWW, I wanna marry it!!!”

1. Viet Ville Restaurant

This was the last “chaolongan” that we visited because it’s far from the city center. It’s probably like 10km away. Getting here is not really that hard but when you asked local transport providers, they would usually scare you about “how far it is and how hard it is to reach it and that getting a ride back to the city would be very hard” to get you into paying “premium.” I guess this is where being a “runner” helps because you know if all things fail, walking 10KM is not really that bad. =)

So we risked it. We cheap backpacker yow!

As mentioned in other blogs, what makes Viet Ville special is it’s the dedicated relocation site of Vietnamese refugees before, but most of them have long time ago vacated the place.

So this is probably where the most legit Pho / Chao Long exists in Puerto Princesa?

If I could only pick 1 chaolongan, definitely, it’s Viet Vielle! Until next time, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

So there, my attempt at food blogging… =)

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