[GEAR REACTION] Nike Flex: Moving On

So I bought a new running shoes after 48years. My old one, Saucony, is so worn out (but still intact) that friends are commenting if the holes on the top mesh is design (The pair is actually still intact and functional; it’s just it has holes as big as black hole.).

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I stopped getting excited about new (road) running shoes when K-Swiss Kruus was phased out. It was really my “sole mate.” I started with minimalist running shoes; moving on to a cushioned ones was always a struggle. Moving to a cushioned shoes would feel like being blind at the first time as you can no longer feel the ground. What I like most with K-Swiss Kruuz, it has a relatively thinner sole compared to others that I could still feel a bit of the ground. And, it has wide toe box; my wide feet got wider with too much wearing of minimalist running shoes.

Anyhow, I need to move on. All my favorite road running shoes had the reputation to become unavailable. Aside from the Kruuz, it was Vivo Barefoot, which local store closed down long time ago. So this time, I decided to pick a brand that is widely available – NIKE.

This is my first Nike, Nike Flex. We certainly have no feelings for each other. Its gray color does not really help but I was at an outlet store where you can’t really be picky with styles and swag. So I basically get it because it was there; and, it has the size that fits me.

So here are my reactions:

1. Nike Flex (or Nike shoes generally) has slimmer sizes especially in the toe box. So I have to settle with one size bigger than my usual size 8.
2. The insole just not “locked” with my feet. I realized that I’m actually high-arched. Anyhow, I just remove the insole, which I always do with other shoes. Problem solved. (For those minimalist-shoe weaerers who wants to try a more cushioned shoes, you can remove the insole to remove the weird “elevated” feeling.)

3. No-hole mesh. Nike Flex does not have the “airy” mini-holes on its top part; it can be extra hot in long runs. Thus, I opted first the Nike Free but it’s really way slimmer than the Flex. Even size 9 of Free is still tight for me.

So there, my “feelings” for Nike Flex. It was not love at first step; but just do it! =)

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