[Race Story] RUN ISKO ISKA: No-Show Comeback Run

This friend who used to run the fastest 21KM in our group, while attempting to outrun Donna Cruz-Larrazabal, was enthusiastically inviting everyone for her comeback run in RUN ISKO ISKA after a long hiatus. Of course, everyone got excited only to be stood-up. 

Everyone was not happy about her Indian moves except for Odina, who always missed out on “social / emotional cues.”

Except for that, RUN ISKO ISKA was like the equivalent of “feel-good movie.” UP Cebu, the race venue, is always a cozy place to be in with all these not-millenial grand trees and buildings.

Bushy oblation

It was the epitome of chill run. I met running friends doing their road runs, and quick chat with them because I could not really catch up with them in races.

And nothing can be chiller when running with Mareee.

Love to see high school classmates. Hopefully, we’ll be a bigger crowd next year.

UP HIGH BATCH 98 Poster Family: Team Dabon

And the main goal of group fun runs: #bloggerpose

And most importantly: 

Until the next comeback run of Leah Doris Doria. 😂

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