Top Favorite Beauties in Cebu Ironman 2017

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All photo credits to Paksit Photos, more photos in their facebook page >>. Feel free to buy hi-resolution of your beautiful photos from Paksit Photos; proceeds will go to help fellow athlete Brian Guillen, who is currently admitted in ICU of Chong Hua Hospital for suffering severe dehydration last Ironman event. For those who want to help Brian, see bottom of this post for list of fundraising events.

Top favorite things in Ironman aside from grit, glory, and pride, here’s a little appreciation to the “beauty” in the endurance race called Ironman… (All photos from Paksit Photos >>)

Ironman is so hot that their looks can melt you… Why you staring at me like that, besh?

Ironman has all our favorite colors like…

PINK is my favorite color… FLYING PINK!

YELLOW. I changed my mine, yellow accentuated with muscles is my favorite color.

TATTOO. I changed my mine again, tattoo is the sexiest color.

NEON. Well, I think it’s neon. You never go wrong with this neon colored trunks.

Mrs. So would be a nice last name?!?

COACH. Isn’t Coach JPD getting hotter when wet? =)

How to be u poh after swimming 2KM?

Gandang #nofilter

Braided hair, no care.

Red lips on fleek


Bungot on fleek

Bangs on hold

#TitosofIronman: Titos in Action

#twinning Titos.

Treasure these “beauties!” Get a high-resolution copy from Paksit Photos, and help support our friend Brian!

For other events in support of Brian Guillen, you can join these events:
Run to help Brian, Aug. 19, 2017 >>

You may also share your help via BPI 2939030207 of Sheila Lyn Ortiz, Brian’s partner.

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