University Run 12 (Aug. 20, 2017): Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. Be Like

Event: UNIVERSITY RUN 12 (UR12). AUG. 20, 2015, CDU Campus, Cebu
Online registration:
Being one of the longest running event in Cebu, I was asked a few times if there would be a University Run this year. It made me think, “yeah right, I had not heard about University Run.” Dr. Yong Larrazabal and Run for Sight team are one of those few race organizers who would announce about their events very early.

Fast-forward to the press conference the other day, I learned that forty days has not passed by since Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. passed away. It’s the reason why UR12 has not been that promoted very early.

While, the press conference was ongoing, I could not help but wonder how a great man, who contributed a lot to Cebu’s (and Visayas) medical industry as well as in the educational institution, could just passed away without much media frenzy.

For the many friends, relatives who we visited and admitted in Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, did we ever think how did this medical facility become possible? How it became one of the reputable hospitals in the Philippines, servicing not only the people of Cebu but the whole Philippines as well as people from abroad?

Aren’t we lucky that someone was/is making it possible, for us to have a decent hospital, a decent medical institution?

Looking at Doc Yong and Dr. Philip, I also wonder how Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal was/is as a father, as a grandfather?

Doc Yong & Doc Philip have probably a lot to fill in?!?

Dr. Philip & Doc Yong with Joel Juarez & Donna Cruz-Larrazabal

If Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. had an instagram or social media account, what would he post? Maybe something like:

“My new bling…”

Cebu Doctor’s University (Photo from

Now back to University Run 12, it’s a special edition as this is a tribute run for Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr.. This is our chance to have a special token of one of Philippine’s great man as the finisher’s medal of 12K category has the image of Dr. Larrazabal Jr. specially designed by Suarez Brothers.

For all the valuable endeavors he contributed to our society, he probably deserves more than a “fun run” as a commemorative event but then as they said “beautiful things do not ask for attention…”

More photos from the press conference:

Here’s a video of Doc Yong Larrazabal regarding what to expect from UR12:

And, as always special thank you to Donna Cruz-Larrazabal for always accommodating my photo request.


How to be u poh? =)


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5 Responses to University Run 12 (Aug. 20, 2017): Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. Be Like

  1. Clef U. Alforque 7 August, 2017 at 1:57 pm #

    hi all…just wanna ask where to register this U12 RUN. ‘coz as we tried we could not proceed as below error will occur.

    Maintenance Mode…

    appreciate your kind assistance on this pls. as we are interested to join the said run.

    or can a none CDU STUDENTS join this run?.

    • owrange 8 August, 2017 at 10:54 am #

      hello, clef. this is open for public. any one can register. if website is still down, u can register at CDU campus or at CDU Hospital (run for sight office). thakns

  2. Alex 14 August, 2017 at 8:26 pm #

    Will there be any on sight registration because the is still down

    • owrange 15 August, 2017 at 5:08 pm #

      hello, u can try to contact this # 09237188171 =) thanks

  3. Mark 16 August, 2017 at 11:10 am #

    Do you have dimensions for the singlets Mam?

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