[Pamutan Marathon 2017] Fast Q&A with Runner: Mylabs

Event: Cebu Trail Challenge 2017: PAMUTAN MARATHON, July 2, 2017 (More details >>)
Online registration: raceyaya.com
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The best thing about trail running is, of course, the runners. So let’s get to know one of the runners for the upcoming Pamutan Marathon 2017: Jaie Mebato.

What do you love about trail running or running in general?


Running is freedom. And running on trails? It’s home to me. The place where my heart is at peace and soul bursting with joy. I just can’t get enough of the simple things it offers like fresh air, literally breathtaking experience, you know being with nature is just pure bliss. 🙂


Which do you prefer: downhill or uphill?


Downhill, downhill, downhill all the way.

Trail running gear you cannot live without?


Hydration bag, I literally can’t survive races without it.

Your favorite trail running ground or favorite moment?

My favorite trail running ground: CEBU mylabs (see photo above). And, my favorite moment in trail running is every time I reach the peak like the (see photo below) still taken at Cebu trails which I believe is part of the 42k route.


Your “moment” might be waiting in the trails. Join now!

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