[Pamutan Marathon 2017] Fast Q&A with Runner: Being Me in Trail Running

Related Event: Cebu Trail Challenge 2017: PAMUTAN MARATHON, July 2, 2017
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In a few weeks, the biggest trail running event in the “kalibunan” of Cebu City will happen. Let’s get to know some of the runners who will be joining it.

Our first feature is the polygamous lover of all types of endurance sports: from road running to ultramarathon trail running, triathlon. In his downtime, he executes complicated yoga poses. And, if it’s not enough, he also run marathons in festival costume. (See our previous story of him >>.)

Let’s get to know a bit about his trail running.

What do you love about trail running or running in general?

I love the fresh air in trail running, the scenery, the sense of belongingness. You can really feel feel that you are part of the mother nature. i can feel freedom. I can feel ME!


Which do you prefer: downhill or uphill?

I am a downhill person

Trail running gear you cannot live without?

Running gears that I cannot live without are my gps watch and my hydration bag.


4kms open water swimming done! #garminph #garminfenix5x #garminfenix5xsapphire

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What are you favorite trail running playground and moment?

Danasan, Danao

Pamutan, Cebu City


His “crying” experience at TNF Trail Ultramarathon, which happened to be his very first trail race experience.


For more of his endurance sports and yoga adventures, follow him in IG: sharamito.


Wanna know if you’re an uphill or downhill lover in the trails? Join now the Pamutan Marathon (42/21/14K), July 2, 2017.


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