[Pamutan Marathon (42K/21K/14K) July 2, ’17] See Cebu City — Beyond Sirao Flower Farm & Temple of Leah

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Being a Cebuana, it’s expected to be asked by friends from other places about the “10 Things To Do in Cebu.” I felt bad that I could not right away answer it. But ask me about “10 Things to Do in Dumaguete or Bohol or in others places,” I could easily narrate 20 things (of course, I’m exaggerating!).

It’s because being born and living here since my umbilical cord was cut, I am hoping you could experience Cebu more than what you see on your social media feed. And, what I wanted you to experience is what is in the Pamutan Marathon (42K/21K/14K). So I’m inviting you to join us this July 2, 2017, and see more of Cebu City!

For those who are scared of “Trail Run,” don’t worry, there’s the 14K category of Pamutan Marathon July 2, 2017. Also, you are not alone; I am ultimately scared of trails until now. But IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! WHY?!? Here are some photos of the section of the 14K, and it’s just a very little portion. What more if we’ll get through the whole section.

For a starter, we’re going to be in the company of awesome friends. Here’s with trail ultramarathoners (R-L): Pamutan trail dog “Whitey,” Meyux (RD), Boying (recent almost-conqueror of Hardcore Hundred Miles), Doc Cecile, yogini trail ultramarathoner / triathlete Jonathan.

Hello, little river! =)

Uphill on the side of the mountains…

More uphill in “kalibunan”…

According to Meyux, this tree is a local of Cebu. It has a lovely minty smell. So if you feel like sleepy, you can rub some of the leaves and smell the minty fresh.

More climb, and pose….

Cebu City minus skycrapers…

A literally walk in the clouds…

Photo by Doc Cecillie Milan

Be enveloped in cozy fog…

You get also to be sunkissed…

We don’t have strawberry picking… but we have talong for your eyes only. =)

 And of course, see the “mais” (corn) up close, the secret to the beauty of Annabel Rama.

NZ for budget traveler… @.@

Let’s be in many places in 1…

The #squadgoals #selfie… Need I say more?!?

Photo by Doc Cecillie Milan

Bring the squad now to the other side of Cebu City! REGISTER NOW to Pamutan Marathon (42K/21K/14K) July 2, 2017!

TRY-A-TRAIL this weekend, June 10 and June 11:
June 10, Saturday (for 14KM Participants)
Assembly Time – 5:30 am
Assembly Area – Pamutan Bagsakan/Outpost Area
Start time – 6:00 am
Route: 9km 533m+
Will ACCEPT REGISTRATION for Trail Challenge 2017

June 11, Sunday (for 22KM Participants)
Assembly Time – 5:00 am
Assembly Area – Pamutan Bagsakan/Outpost Area
Start time – 5:30 am
Route: 14km route

Please check fb events for more details page Pamutan Marathon – Cebu Trail Challenge 2017.


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