That Awkward Moment in Trail Running

Related Event: Cebu Trail Challenge 2017: PAMUTAN MARATHON, July 2, 2017
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When I have a hard time fitting in to be a “runner,” how much more being a “trail runner.” But there’s such thing as “messy hair, don’t care.”

Here are some awkward photos of mine in trying to be a “trail runner.”

Off-camber non-existent trail, have mercy on me!

90 degree slope up, have mercy on me! What is not shown in this photo is that my legs were shaking because how do you stand on a 90 degree slope?!?

90 degree slope downhill be like, have mercy on me!
But actually, it’s my outfit that looks awkward.

River crossing be like…

Extra rice please but first let me instagram that food…

Flying on the trails be like itik-itik dancing…

And if all poses fail… Whale-watching on dry land anyone?

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

I’m excited to try again trail running because trying-hard is the new black.

See you in the TRY-A-TRAIL pre-race events, get updates from Pamutan Marathon – Cebu Trail Challenge 2017 fb event >>.

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