XTERRA Danao, Cebu, Philippines 2017: Side-comments From the Sideways

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I love off-road and mountains and I love people who love them so I always look forward to Xterra; but I’m not “fluent” with triathlon nor #bikeporn so I’m just going to post the tirade of side-comments I made while I was at the sideways during the race day of Xterra Danao, Cebu, Philippines 2017. (Note that I might be making wrong comments but any how, nobody reads this though!)


I’m not going to write about the PRO triathletes because they’re very well-covered by all the media outlets. But let me shoutout to female champion: Carina Wasle. I could still remember her looking like about to cry back in 2013 at the finish line because her bike was broken. So I was just so happy to see her in a different condition this time: victorious! =)


I also don’t want to mention celebrity Matteo Guidicelli anymore in this post because he’s also certainly all over the social media. But I’m very proud that I can now write M-A-T-T-E-O G-U-I-D-I-C-E-L-L-I without double checking google so I have to insert him in this post just so I could write his name Matteo Guidicelli.

Spot Matteo

I did not see Paul Jake Castillo at the finish line, as well as Dyan Castillejo but everyone was looking forward to them. They’re probably in relay. This paragraph has no sense but Castillo and Castillejo rhyme so I put them in 1 paragraph.


Now let me try to make more sense: Matteo Guidicelli and Dyan Castillejo is from TEAM FORZA, and Paul Jake Castillo is from TEAM OMEGA PRO. After watching one sweaty triathlete from another at the finish line, I came to notice that there were three “new” teams that were very visibly trying to claim the top spots: TEAM OMEGA PRO, TEAM FORZA, and TEAM MOTOR ACE RACING.



John Paul Juson, Team K1 Sportswear

Because before, it was mostly Team Alaska, and then a bit of Unilab’s ActiveHealth.

So this is kind of exciting because it felt like there are more teams being backed by brands; the more exciting about it is that except for TEAM FORZA, they’re Pinoy / local Cebu brands . Based on my “unscientific deep analysis,” local brands are warming up to the idea of sponsoring athletes. Can you see the possibilities? =)


I love girls but it’s really rare to see them in this kind of endurance sports. So S/O! May you inspire more girls!


Of course, I’m just joking that I’m not going to post about the PRO. But let’s not look about their stats. Let’s get superficial.

Contrary to popular belief, the perfect look for the finish-line photo is looking trashed and wasted according to the PROs.

Bath scene. You should look like you need a bath.

Make sure to flex those arm muscles to give justice to race bib number “1.”

The more near-death looking you are, the higher you are in the podium stand.

Or you can downplay it, and just look chill.

Or you can arrive chiller with less shirt.

Or you can do it like girls, because girls are always grace under pressure.

However the way you make it, you are all warriors inside! Congratulation to all the Xterra Warriors!

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  1. Monster John 26 April, 2017 at 4:27 pm #

    (Note that I might be making wrong comments but any how, nobody reads this though!)—i always look forward on your posts te rose 🙂

    • owrange 28 April, 2017 at 10:34 am #

      thank u, john! u should be writing too =)

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