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[Running Photos] The 7 Types of Running Shorts in SM2SM 7 2017 Run

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Is it running short or shorts? Is “running shorts” plural or singular? But in this post, let’s use running shorts as singular.

So last SM2SM 7 Run, we’re kind of questioning if which was bigger: Antit’s race bib or his running shorts? Of course the raffle prize was definitely bigger.

After the race, I could not shake off my wondering about the running shorts? So what is really the prescribed size of running shorts or what is exactly a “running shorts?”

To answer my “wondering,” I examined all the photos from the SM City Cebu’s SM2SM 7 Run to be enlightened. But it seems that it’s “different stroke for different folks.”

So here are the 7 types of running shorts from the photos of the 7th edition of SM2SM. For more photos of SM2SM, you can check the pages of the following photographers by clicking on it:


1. The Mary Joy Tabal Running Shorts

Being an Olympian, she deserves a dedicated running shorts category because no one can make a simple running shorts looks as awesome like that.

2. Prescribed Running Shorts for the Elite

Aside from aerodynamics reason, the very short running shorts of competitive elite runners is an intimidation tactic to their rival runners.

“Are you not entertained?”


Photo from Paksit Photos

If you see those leg muscles, you would surely want to run faster to the gym, and do leg weights if there’s such thing.

The Elite Teams’ intimidating shorts.

3. The Triathlete-Look Shorts

Just in case they would do a brick training after their fun run or they came from one, they’re ready.

Of course, a great smile would not hurt. =)

Photo from My Run Time

4. The Girlfriend Shorts.

This is the equivalent of the girlfriend wearing “boyfriend shirt,” or of the gym rat’s muscle shirt.

5. The Layering Fashion Shorts.

They’re the opposite of the “Girlfriend Shorts.” This type of running shorts is not really a short but layers of clothing just in case one layer of clothing fails, there’s a back-up plan.

The shorts over running tights for those runners who want to protect their tights.

The “mountaineer layering” look: climbing / trekking shorts over running tights, why not! Just in case these runners would pass by a mountain along the race route.

Photo from Jerome Basanes / EMJORE CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY

The New York City Runner look, in case the temperature drops to below 10 degrees.

Photo from Jerome Basanes / EMJORE CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY

6. You-Can-Never-Go-Wrong-with-Red Shorts

It’s the love month. Like duh!

Red tutu for extra oommph!

Photo from John Mark Morilla Photograph

Girlfriend shorts in red! =)

Photo from Reynan’s Pics

Elite Runners on Fire

7. Twinning Shorts

Because bestfriends forever in life, in running, and in shorts.

BONUS. The Basketball League

Once a (basket)baller will always be a baller for life. The popularity of basketball shorts in fun runs is a proof that basketball is definitely the unofficial national sports of the Philippines.

To end this “running shorts” narrative, here’s a gorgeous wireless earphones. =) Maybe we should have 7 Types of earphones in our next post.

Photo from My Run Time

All photos from above are from the wonderful photographers as listed above. Thank you!

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