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The Ultimate Thing To Do in Consolacion, Cebu…

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… is TREK or bike the “Great Wall or Roller Coaster Hill or Grand Canyon or Dragon’s Back” or however you want to call it. The local residents of this area call this “TAGAYTAY.” (“Tagaytay” is the Cebuano term for “ridge,” which is the formation of this piece of land.)

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This is probably the most photographed running place in runroo’s instagram account. This has always been our go-to running place if we’re feeling not too lazy because it’s really very accessible. I’ve been meaning to write a how-to for this place for a long time since I would get a few inquiries on how to access it. But I always keep putting it at the backseat because it’s really a no-brainer going there.

But now that I’m trying to religiously update this running blogsite, I thought that it might be best to start it with writing something in our very own home town, Consolacion, Cebu.

Consolacion is two towns away from the Cebu City. If you’re from the southern part of Cebu, you can take a V-Hire in Ayala Mall PUV Terminal, or you go to SM City where Consolacion-bound jeepneys take a U-Turn to go back to Consolacion. Of course, there’s taxi, uber, Grab too. Once, you’re in Consolacion, get down in SM Consolacion area, or in McDonalds.

There are so many ways you can get to this place, Tagaytay (I think it’s part of Barangay Tilhaong.). But the easiest is to simply follow the dirt road located beside SM Consolacion (That road between the Cebu Home Builders and SM Consolacion) until you reach a quarry site. It’s around 2-3KM from the main road. Detour to the quarry area, where you will find bulldozers and big trucks. The place may look intimidating but people in this area are very friendly and helpful. If you’d be bringing a car, you can leave the car with them. But this place can get busy in the later time of the day to fulfill the “needs of economic development” of a growing province Cebu so better come here very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon.
The landscape of this place keeps changing; sadly, it’s degrading. The mountains here have been quarried for years to provide the demand of the infrastructure projects of Cebu. The “hill” has probably greatly contributed to the SRP. =) And, with the so many areas of Cebu yet to be filled with buildings, it’s not impossible that this will soon become a great flat desert, instead of being a Great Wall. (Read here “Prime Lots with View” for Sale” >>.)

Here’s a good old article about this area, back in the not-so-olden days, “On the Tire Tracks of a Legend” >>.

So there… Welcome to the Grand Canyon / Great Wall / Roller Coaster / Tagaytay all-in-one of Consolacion, Cebu.


Here are some things you can do in this not-so-hidden beauty of Consolacion, Cebu:

If nature could also put up a warning message, what could it be? =)

If nature could also put up a warning message, what could it be? =)

1. Cross to the Lilo-an part of the trail. You can go on and on, there are so many forks along the way. Some will lead you to Cebu / Mandaue City, or further north of Cebu.

Once you reach this signage, the road forks and this has been my mental clue as the end of the “Tagaytay.” You can go back, or don’t look back. =)

(Take note this signage keeps changing.)

2. Hill repeats.

3. Blogger Pose. Come here very early in the morning, or in the “golden hour” in the afternoon for a more dramatic effect of the natural lights.

4. There’s a river parallel to this ridge. There are some hidden detours you can take to get to it.
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5. Selfie!

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You can take all sorts of #hashtag goals in this place. Enjoy!

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  1. Richard S 20 January, 2020 at 12:20 pm #

    Cool blog, as someone in Consolacion working on getting in shape I might attempt to head to this Tagaytay!

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