For more than a year, I’m stunted on how to keep this blog running. Many times, I try to be diligent in updating this but life happens. So for the last time, I’m attempting to resurrect this again, together with my  dying “running career.” I am crossing my fingers that I could at least update a story once a week just like pushing myself to at least get a 20KM mileage per week. (I know nobody cares about this rant or this whole blog, but I’m writing this down just so the universe will conspire to make this true.)

So for my first of the weekly post, let it DOes NOTHING.

Let it be a driftwood by the beach — a pretty object to be photographed.


a soup pan on a shelf…


a random broken forgotten structure waiting to be “graffiti-ed” by strangers.

an unnecessary faux gems on a spoon…

a tree beside a beast…

a boring-looking island across a boulevard…

a poster stuck in someone’s loving home…


an empty road…


This was supposed to be some yet another version of TOP ULTIMATE THINGS TO DO IN SIARGAO “listaholic” blog post but I feel that writing Siargao in a bullet list is a big injustice to the beautiful place.

So let me just DO NOTHING… especially DO NOT thrash the place.

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Rose Buenconsejo. Fun run, trail, yarn, coffee crawler.

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