Cebu City Marathon (CCM) 2017: 21KM-Worth of Selfies

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Having not join organized “fun runs” and long distance races for quite awhile, I did not know what to expect from the CCM 2017. But I got so thrilled when I saw the crowd of the 21K runners.  It was the biggest crowd I’d seen since joining Cebu City Marathon every year starting in 2012 (except for last year). If I heard it right, there were 1800+ runners in 21K category. That number (1800 runners) was usually the total of all runners in all category joining in previous years.

Congrats to RunRio and Cebu Executive Runners Club!img_8725

I don’t like to admit that I have not prepared much Cebu City Marathon 2017, thus the reason of joining the 21KM for the first time instead of the full marathon. Few years in running really taught me to respect the distance… yada yada yada excuses! =)

And, months or a year of not being actively doing long-distance running, I was groping on how to tackle this 21KM run. I no longer know how to make a race plan.


So boom! There I was walking my first few meters trying to figure out what to do.  Seeing a few runners just walking, I told myself to: Just do DO NOT LET ANYONE OVERTAKE ME!

To do this, simply be the last runner. =)



After 1KM+, I was so happy to see a very familiar face: JOHN DOMINGO of FOTOSMILE. Then my trusty muscle memory kicked in, and SELFIE! =)

Seeing a good old familiar face of a friend reminded me of the most consistent thing I do on fun runs / races: take random photos. When things get tough on the road, I would take out my camera and snap: from beautiful scenery, blurry scenery, wonderful people to lamp posts (Read my race story about lamp posts: “What I Think About When I Don’t Train For Running?”.).


For a number of fun runs I joined, somehow I had these category system (stereotypes) of runners in my mind. Of course, I need to distinguish who are the runners always aiming for a PR or some goal so as not to disturb them, and the others you can grab a quick chat with.


Come-Backers… ALWAYS!

Being away from the Cebu running scene for some time, I was thinking that there would be a lot of new faces I would not be familiar of. But after a few KM, it was surprising to meet the 260-KM ultramarathoner Enrique in the 21K category. So it happened that, like me, it was also his first comeback run after 1 year hiatus.

So I thought of sticking with him because when you’re with this kind of runners, you will surely reach the finish line.


It happened that there were a few, or maybe a lot of my running friends were also having their comeback runs.

Barte. APO represent. Calling Gio and Chay?!?


Nag ultramarathoner, Nagmahal, Nag Pulis. Respect to this girl.

The runner who is always making a comeback in running, Dennis excluding Ivy. Ivy is naturally gifted runner.

ProActive Events’ Bien, when are you coming back?
“Suicide Runners”

I also belong to this group. Runners who impulsively register for a run without much practice. I mean, running is already part of life, why practice for it? =) And, you just cannot resist running!

I’m not going to name names. =) On to our next attempt. =)


I’m a very consistent runner, consistently on the last pack of runners. When you are always on the last, you tend to meet the first-time runners who are still learning their way in running. Expectedly, these first-time runners get addicted to running whom I would then consistently bumped into numerous fun runs. I would then label them as “classmates.”

Just like in class, most of them would become skillful, and advance in the pack. And, I’m so just amazed with how they improved as runners.

Netz, first classmate in MAPAWA Trail Run, and then she’s everywhere. =)img_8747

Khim, first classmate in Balaan sa Bukid run in Guimaras. I always get amazed with his running and mountain climbing updates so I was just happy to see him again in person in my city. We were jumping up and down when I bumped on him in Marcelo Fernan Bridge.



These running friends who made “panata” (dedication) to run Cebu City Marathon with an additional challenge. No, I don’t mean making a new PR kind of challenge. They would run CCM every year in the most not-fit-for-running attire.

Jonathan, in his all silver ensemble costume which he had to wear from start to finish for the first time.

Michael Jackson aka DJ

Quotable-Quotes Runner

This girl has always the right “word” to say when you need some pick-me-up inspiring words in her social media timeline. So when I’d see her, I would remember her shared inspiring words, which is a perfect booster.

With the volunteers of Maayo Clinic Aid Station

With the volunteers of Maayo Clinic Aid Station

The Yet-Just-Another-Marathon-to-Run Runner

They are these runners who are always marathon-ready. It’s like running a marathon to them is as effortless as brushing their teeth, or combing their hair. No sweat!

The Champions

Aside from being a member of the previous category, they are also the runners that naturally just won races like no sweat.

Jade &  Andy Tonacao


The COOL Kids

Just because they can… =)

Team Paksit

Team Paksit


Definitely, marathon / running is forever (for me).

And, definitely, saying YES to a forever with a runner is never a bad idea. I was dying of “kilig” to witness up close a wedding proposal at the finish line.

1… 2… 3… Swoon!


Photographers. You can take away all the aid stations; but please not the photographers.

Sorry for the poor photo =(

Sorry for the poor photo =(

Aid Station Volunteers

The Traffic Management & PNP Team

Aid Station Volunteers

A video posted by runroo (@runroo) on

A video posted by runroo (@runroo) on

A video posted by runroo (@runroo) on


Thank you, dear Sto. Niño! Pit Senyor!

Next challenge is being fast enought to get into the All-Women Ultramarathon (AWUM) 2017 this March 11! For more details, check AWUM page >>.

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  1. Dennis Igloria 12 January, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    Hahahaha “always making a comeback” 😀 astang igo-a sa pusil. 😀

  2. I.J. 12 January, 2017 at 10:31 am #

    Hahahaha! Suicide Run! AWUM nata Rose. 😉

  3. Mel 13 January, 2017 at 8:31 am #

    Awesome blog @runroo I felt like I was there. Great pics and so great capturing the moments and cool people. Sana makasali ako one day! Time to train!

  4. Lapiskamay 13 January, 2017 at 9:37 am #

    murag makahilak ta magbasa! ako raman tali wala pa nagcomeback run oi. Nice post rose!!!! lez do this stuff again!

    • owrange 26 January, 2017 at 11:59 am #

      pag concentrate lang sa on being an awesome historian/writer/artist!


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