“Prime Lots with View” for Sale

As they say that possibilities are limitless.

I think all humans has this “care instinct” for nature. I think all of us love nature, even if we don’t really “go to it” by nature. Still, we show our love to it by signing and sharing every online petitions of saving trees, whales, waterfalls, or donate to every mangrove planting project our friends asked us to.


But it was with “trail running” that “nature” touched me on a deeper level.



It was also with trail running that humans scared me on a different level.

It always feels like a punch in my stomach every time I see a trail / hill / mountain paved and cemented for bigger roads. I feel sad that my kids can no longer see or trek these pieces of nature. Later on, trees will be cut down, mountains would be bulldozed to give way for subdivisions, maybe a resort, or whatever “progress” humans want to put up in the “undeveloped” areas.

But at the back of my mind, there’s also the thought that those developments are for the betterment of the humans. It will create a good business for humans. The benefit to the humans is always worth the damage changes to the nature.

Once I attended a business conference, and one of the speakers was an urban planner (Sorry, I forgot his name. I was not really that interested at that time.). And, he said something that “condominiums” are actually more nature-friendly as it can house more people on a smaller lot area compared to subdivisions.

Wouldn’t it be better if we occupy a smaller space, and have the bigger space (nature) be shared with everyone, including animals, in all generations?


So should there be any limit as to how far human’s infrastructure development should go? Well, the possibilities are limitless.


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