Crag Mentality

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Do you know what is the English for “pangpang?” CRAG. And, Cebu has the most popular crags for rock climbing located in Toledo: Cantabaco, & Poog.

I learned how to make “pangpang” sound social as crag on my son’s first time to try outdoor climbing.

Rock / wall climbing is something really unknown to us so I mostly depend on friends and son’s coach’s referrals and suggestion on how to go about it. Thankfully, we’re always led to wonderful adventure people.

So one fine Sunday, my son was in the good hands of Enie Yonson.

He brought us to the Poog crag in Toledo, Cebu, as it’s more fitting for beginners.

Observing as a total stranger to climbing, I noticed that the usual routine each climb was that Enie does “lead climbing,” which means that he would climb up first and set up the harnesses and ropes. So it’s like almost free solo-ing. Awesome huh!

looking effortless…

So somehow, how challenging or beautiful the route depends on the lead climber.

After Enie is done setting up all safety stuff, he’d go down. Then, he’d belay for the climber, and sometimes coach.

Definitely someone had great time on the crag.

While they were climbing, we were also busy…


Lunch was fresh buko juice and meat which we got from the nearby family living in the crag.

IMG_3810The son climbed 4 routes, then we called it a day. He was exhausted, but at the same was already excited to come back again.

his 4th climb

his 4th / last climb

For rock climbing in Cantabaco & Poog, Toledo, and other outdoor adventures (trekking, camping, etc), you can contact Enie Yonson through his facebook account here >>.

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