[Day 2] Geeks on a Beach (GOAB): VALUATION

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I  stayed the whole time in the Sampaguita extension for the breakout sessions.

I sat through talks that were not primarily my interest but they turned out to be “educational” for me.

Microsoft “secretly” shared their holo lens, their AVR wearable gadget. We’re not allowed to take photos because it was yet under development. But they do have a website already where you can order a developer’s unit at hololens.com.

I’m not a big fan of AVR tech (yet) but what Microsoft shared was awesome, and at the same a bit creepy of how advanced the future can be. Of course, I have no picture!

The next speaker was Jon Cholak, a venture capitalist. He shared about the reality of valuation. Here are some of the interesting bits from his slides:

Rufy Quisumbing showed a very nerdy version of Google analytics. I approached him after the talk, and asked him about if google search ranking is still effective nowadays. If you encountered Google in it’s earliest times, ranking was not that complicated. It was purely about good content until a lot of people are gaming the ranking system.

Anyhow, his advice was cover the basics and focus on the channel where you think you are very strong first. Don’t get overwhelm with other things.


All the geeks gathered in one room for the last stretch of Geeks on a Beach to listen to the different pitches of startup groups. Following are snippets of the 7 pitches.






Liser Robotics

7 Trust My Staff

Winner of GOAB 2016 pitching competition is EngageSpark.


Avnir & Murat on the center

The other winners of GOAB:

The participants and everyone, of course! Being a participant, it was a mental-bleed session with all the technical words I needed to understand. But it was the great kind of bleeding!

The organizers. Salute for pulling it off for the 4th time. And, of course the sponsors too!

Tina Amper and her gang. Please do keep driving each other crazy, best things come out of it!


And, internet.org / facebook, thank you for the GOAB after party! =)


This is how they roll the @geeksonabeachph party! #GOAB

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