Vertigo Cup 2016 Leg 1: Crewing for Climbing Competition

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NOTE: Leg 2 will be on Oct. 22 – 23, 2016.


Climbing will soon be an official Olympic sports by 2020. It is something you might be interested to be part of. Though, the climbing community has a mixed reaction to it, some hesitant and some are happy about of being a part of the Olympics (Story here >>).

Anyhow, being a new spectator to this “sport” (having a son who is into it recently), I’m sharing a few things I learned about climbing as competition from the Vertigo Cup 2016 – Leg 1. (Leg 2 will be some time in October 2016. Like Vertigo Climbing Center Cebu to get updated.)

1. It’s more of a strategy game than speed. It was a 2-day competition. First day was climbers were given 16 different routes with different level of difficulty to be accomplished within 4 hours (Scores are based on the total of the routes you climb.). Second day was each category was given 1 route which climbers would climb in limited time (Score is based on how well you do the route.). Though, there’s always a “time limit,” but it’s always the strategy that can bring you to the “finish line.”

Somehow when you train for climbing, the hours you spend each training will matter when it’s like a 4-hour competition. As a runner, I could see long-distance runs can really be a help in endurance and just be able to stay put on the course.

2. It’s an individual sport with a mix of teamwork. Climbers do compete each other, but they also tend to push each other, cheer one another, and share tips on how to do the climb of a certain route. Every one seems to have a sense of accomplishment when each would see others finished a route.

3. Surprisingly, there are a lot of female climbers. It’s not a male-dominated sports.

4. The climbing wall does not care about your age. =) The youngest climber was 10-year old girl, Samantha.

5. It’s kind of a lonely sport. Just like in any other sports, the real competition is between you and yourself. In climbing, it’s the climber, his/her self, and the wall. On the first day, as a climber, you really have not much time to check on others’ scorecards, you just tick off your own card. On the second day, climbers are not allowed to see when others were climbing so it’s just really you getting the best of your self.

6. As a crew, sugar / energy booster and liniment might come in handy, aside from water. Also, avoid giving in when climber starts to feel down and weary.

So here are the winners of the Vertigo Cup 2016 – Leg 1.

Women’s Category
1st- Chledaugh Shekinah Galves

2nd- Venice Francine Bogo

3rd- Andrea Xayide Gaurana

Men’s Category
1st- Keith Dominic Amdres
2nd- Alvin Lemosnero
3rd- Jerald Wesley Lim

8-12 Category
1st- Miguel Buenconsejo
2nd- Samantha Jules Espinosa

3rd- Mozart John Espinosa

To the climbers, organizers, and supporters, THANK YOU from the first time witness-er!

For those interested join the climbing competition in Cebu or simply climb, check details in the poster below.

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